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Cisco UCS Platform Emulator (2.2(5a))


Cisco UCS Platform Emulator (2.2(5a))

CONFIGURATION IMPORT NOTE:  Importing configuration backups (All, System, or Logical) taken from the UCS Platform Emulator (UCSPE) to physical UCS Manager domains is not recommended or supported by Cisco TAC.  UCSPE backups should only be imported to UCSPE domains.

New Hardware Features

Cisco UCS Platform Emulator Release 2.2(5aPE1), adds support for the following new hardware:

  • Added Haswell CPUs to the catalog.
  • Added support for the following Blade Servers:
    • UCSB-B420-M4
    • Cisco UCS Scalable M4 Blade Module for UCSB-EX-M4-2 Blade Server.
  • Added support for the UCSC-PCIE-Q8362 network adapter.
  • Added the following templates for UCSB-B420-M4, UCSC-C460-M4, UCSB-EX-M4-1 and UCSB-EX-M4-2 servers:
    • B420M4High
    • C460M4High
    • ExM4ScaledHigh
    • ExM4NonScaledHigh
    • ExM42ScaledHigh
    • ExM42NonScaledHigh

New Software Features

Cisco UCS Platform Emulator, Release 2.2(5aPE1) includes the following new features:

  • Added support for time zone management.
  • Added support for scaled mode for UCSB-EX-M4-2 blade server

NOTE: From UCS PE 2.2(1bPE1) onwards, UCS PE supports uploading the B-Series and C-Series server firmware bundles.  Because of the large file sizes of the firmware bundles, UCS PE only supports uploading of only the stripped-down versions (attached to this document), which includes only the firmware metadata but not the actual firmware itself in the binaries.  The stripped-down version of the firwmare bundles which contain metadata only of the B-series and C-series server firmware is reduced to approximately 50 kB in size.

Community Member

Hi ,

I am not able to download this file because for size. After i get 250mb download its disconnecting.

I have tried 6 to 7 time but still not able to get full downloaded file.

Could you provide me ftp connection or any other method, so that i can download it easily.


Cisco Employee

Ping me directly at ericwill at cisco dot com and I can help out.

Hi Eric,

UCS emulator 2.2.5 finally downloaded on Windows 8.1 but I am getting the following error

VMware Player unrecoverable error: (vcpu-0)

vcpu-0:VERIFY vmcore/vmm/main/cpuid.c:382 bugNr=1036521

Your guidance will be greatly appreciated


I have UCS 2.2.5 running on both laptop's now.

I had to change BIOS security on HP to VTx Enabled,

that started up the VM's

Thanks and regards,


Community Member

Hi Sir Eric,

I cant download the file, any recommendation please.

I need the file very much.


Community Member

hey gys,

can any1 share wid me a google drive link with UCS Emulator 2.2...It's not getting properly downloading from this site there is some errors r occurring plz share me d link I need it urgently for Practice....I'll share ma email-id plz mail me the link....It's a humble Request....!

Cisco Employee

Hello, after computer refresh, when starting UCSPE 2.2(5a) VM, with vmware workstation I get the error

"Detected CPU family 6 Model 61,

Unsupported hardware device: Intel CPU model"

It's a CentOS hw compatibility

Then the installing UCSPU task is Skipped. I cannot use it anymore, it does not work.

Anyone know how to fix this?

cpu is Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-5300U CPU @ 2.30GHz


(Or it is about time I get a server, instead of a laptop.....)

Community Member

cant download also

Community Member

I'm also unable to download and it is getting stopped in the middle. Kindly provide me the alternative location to download.

Cisco Employee

Here are links to the zip and ova file available on<>:



For some reason, all my attempts to download the OVA are failing with an error message saying that the "The requested resource is not available."


Anyone else seeing this?

Cisco Employee

The change to a new hosting platform for has broken many links and downloads – the communities team is working fixes.  Here are direct links to the 2.2(5a) UCSPE






Many thanks for the follow-up!

These box links seem to be working.



Your work on these platforms are very much appreciated!
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