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Cisco UCS Platform Emulator (3.0(2cPE1))


Cisco UCS Platform Emulator, Release 3.0(2cPE1)

CONFIGURATION IMPORT NOTE:  Importing configuration backups (All, System, or Logical) taken from the UCS Platform Emulator (UCSPE) to physical UCS Manager domains is not recommended or supported by Cisco TAC.  UCSPE backups should only be imported to UCSPE domains.

The UCS Platform Emulator version 3.0(2cPE1) is a platform release that ONLY supports the 6324 Fabric Interconnect based domains.  No other Fabric Interconnect (6100 / 6200) will work with this UCSPE.

New Hardware Features

Cisco UCS Platform Emulator, Release 3.0(2cPE1), adds support for the following new hardware:

  • Cisco UCS B420 M3 Blade Server (UCSB-B420-M3)
  • Cisco UCS B22 M3 Blade Server (UCSB-B22-M3)
  • Cisco UCS B200 M4 Blade Server (UCSB-B200-M4)
  • Cisco UCS C220 M4 Rack Server (UCSC-C220-M4S/L)
  • Cisco UCS C240 M4 Rack Server (UCSC-C240-M4S/L/S2/X)
  • Cisco Blade Server Adapter VIC 1340 (UCSB-MLOM-40G-03)
  • Cisco Blade Server Adapter VIC 1380 (UCSB-VIC-M83-8P)
  • Cisco Rack Server Adapter VIC 1227 (UCSC-MLOM-CSC-02)
  • Changes in the UCS Platform Emulator VM Console

          – Modifications to the VM Console login

          – Modifications to the VM Console Options Menu

          – Modifications to the Network Settings

          – Modifications to the System Settings

          – More details added to the Status Summary display

Known Limitations

Cisco UCS Platform Emulator, Release 3.0(2cPE1) has the following limitations:

  • In the UCSM component topology, the link between the rack server and fabric interconnect is shown as down.
  • Firmware version of components in UCSPE is not visible on the Cisco UCS Central.
  • Disconnecting of the servers by unconfiguring their server ports does not impact the server state.
  • We recommended that you check the imported configuration on the Control Panel to ensure there are no missing components or unsupported components. Unsupported or missing components can impact discovery and it is out of the limitation of the UCSPE catalog that such a scenario can occur.  We suggest you delete the unsupported components and add the component manually on the Control Panel. Occasionally, import of rack servers might fail.
  • Live import of the configuration is possible only with the UCS Mini and not with other versions of the Cisco UCS Manager.

NOTE: From UCS PE 2.2(1bPE1) onwards, UCS PE supports uploading the B-Series and C-Series server firmware bundles.  Because of the large file sizes of the firmware bundles, UCS PE only supports uploading of only the stripped-down versions (attached to this document), which includes only the firmware metadata but not the actual firmware itself in the binaries.  The stripped-down version of the firwmare bundles which contain metadata only of the B-series and C-series server firmware is reduced to approximately 50 kB in size.

Community Member

even I have the same issue cannot continue downloading after ~ 90 - 100 MB.


the download issue happened to me last week too!      I tried again and it went through okay...

Community Member

Cannot download this file ,download stops after 100M, anyway to download ,can you share to me

PS, I'm China , i want to UCSPE_3.0.2cPE1.ova

Thank you very much.

Community Member

Very slow download...

Is available HTML5 interface for standard Fabric? Or only for MINI?



link download stop 50 mb


Only for the UCS Manager 3.x

All the classic run on 2.x and do not support the HTML 5 web interface.

Community Member

Download stops after few MBs!! So many feedback for the same issue!! Can't it be fixed

Community Member

Close all other windows in your web browser and don't do any other thing, I have the same problem the download stop after 50 or less MBs but after that i let the download running alone and it works fine and i repeat the process in 2 others PCs.

Cisco Employee

reach out to me directly at ericwill at cisco dot com and I can help you out.

Community Member

You should have a torrent file as they are huge in size

Community Member

After the latest version of the emulator was downloaded and deployed on VMWare ESXi 5.5, I found that the Emulator doesn't provide ability to use external fabric interconnect 6248. The emulator offers only the embedded fabric interconnect 6324. Is this by design or this is a bug

Cisco Employee

The UCS Manager 3.0 release is a release only for UCS Mini, which ONLY supports the 6324 FI’s. The real UCS Manager software does not support 6100 / 6200 FI’s with 3.0(x) yet.



Community Member

Thank You,

Does the UCS team have plans to release another version that will support both FI devices, traditional 6248 / 6296 and the 6324 mini?

Also, Is it possible to integrate the UCS emulator with the UCS Central management appliance? I did try to connect UCS Emulator 3.0.1 with the UCS Central 1.3.1b? It will be a great priceless experience and will have better acceptance by the IT folks who work for the CISCO existing UCS clients as well as new clients that plan to deploy UCS

Cisco Employee

Yes we have plans to release a future release of UCS Manager in the 3.x code train that will support traditional 6200 FI’s and 6300 based UCS Mini. Any UCSM version (real or UCSPE) post 2.1.2a can connect to UCS Central. I would recommend a minimum version of UCS Manager 2.1.3a though.




I created a VM set up where UCS Manager 3.0 version i am planning CIMC installation on this setup.

Is it possible on this ...because i follow the installation process of CIMC and stuck on the step 1 where go to the KVM console ....Is there any other way so that i can install CIMC

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