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Field Notice 70545

cisco ucs scrub policy not working

I have Cicso branded (32GB) SD Cards installed in a B200 M3 blade. I removed these cards from one B200 M3 blade and put them in another. Now when I try to apply the service profile to the new blade I get the error message FlexFlash metadata error (see attachments). I have followed the process used by others of re-ack'ing the server twice and decommissioning it and the re-ack'ing it again to apply the policy. When the Service Profile is applied to the server it skips the scrub policy. I have not found anything that references this error only similar issues. Not sure what to try next.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Mastin Bailey
Cisco Employee

Hi There,

I noticed that you've yet to receive a reply to your post, and I want to help.  If you've already engaged TAC directly or resolved this, please let me know, and I'll stand down.

If you're still in need of help, I have some thoughts around this.  If I'm understanding correctly, your service-profile is not associating to the "new" B200-M3 server that you migrated the SD cards into, and you're receiving the "FlexFlash" metadata error message.  In order to associate the service-profile (SP), let's disable FlexFlash in the local disk config policy first.

Afterwards, associate the SP, and update the FlexFlash scrub policy in the SP to scrub.  Reack the server, and note this may take up to 3 reack's to complete depending on your FW version because of some known defects (I don't have the defect ID's handy at the moment).

In Summary:

1) disable flexflash in the sp local disk policy, and associate the sp

2) enable the flexflash scrub policy in sp

3) reack the server, up to 3x if needed (allow the reack's to complete before attempting another)

4) enable flexflash in the sp local disk policy, and disable the flexflash scrub

Does this make sense?  I hope it helps!



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