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Cisco Employee

Cisco UCSM 2.2 "El Capitan" released

We are pleased to announce the release of UCS Manager 2.2 codenamed “El Capitan”. The release is now available for download on as release 2.2(1b).

Links to download this release are as follows:

Relevant documentation for the 2.2(1) release can be accessed as follows:

The UCS Manager 2.2(1) release delivers several key features and major enhancements in the Fabric, Compute, and Operational areas. The following is a complete listing of the features in El Capitan:

  • Fabric Enhancements:
    • Fabric scaling: VLANs, VIFs, IGMP Groups, Network Endpoints
    • IPv6 Management Support
    • Uni-Directional Link Detection (UDLD) Support
    • User Space NIC (usNIC) for Low Latency
    • Support for Virtual Machine Queue (VMQ)

  • Operational Enhancements:
    • Direct Connect C-Series to FI without FEX
    • Two-factor Authentication for UCS Manager Logins
    • VM-FEX for Hyper-V Management with Microsoft SCVMM
    • CIMC In-band Management
    • Direct KVM Access
    • Server Firmware Auto Sync

  • Compute Enhancements:
    • Secure Boot
    • Enhanced Local Storage Monitoring
    • Flash Adapters & HDD Firmware Management
    • Precision Boot Order Control
    • FlexFlash (Local SD card) Support
    • Trusted Platform Module (TPM) Inventory
    • DIMM Blacklisting and Correctable Error Reporting

UCS Manager 2.2 and its subsequent Maintenance Releases will be the last to support the Gen1 hardware, including 6100 series Fabric Interconnects, 2100 IO Modules, M1 series Servers, and M1-only adapters. Support for Gen1 hardware will drop starting the next major release, codenamed “Fletcher Cove”. With that in mind, UCS Manager 2.2 is planned to be a long-lived release, meaning the software lifecycle support is expected to be extended for another 12 months (~ 4 years) beforeannouncing the release EOS.

The UCS Advantage Trade-in Program provides an easy upgrade path for customers that want to migrate their Gen1 hardware to the latest Cisco UCS servers and technologies. This program is an excellent illustration of Cisco’s commitment to investment protection for our customers. Please contact your local Cisco Representative for details.

Andras Dosztal

Are you planning to release a new UCS PE version that includes El Capitan?

The Platform Emulator based on the newer UCSM versions typically release 4-6 weeks after the code drops. With the holidays, maybe a little longer.

Well that was a quick 4-6 weeks :-)

Here it is -> UCS Platform Emulator Downloads (latest: UCSPE 2.2(1bPE1))

Yep, I just downloaded it myself :-). Thanks Scott!

Anyone found the Cisco UCSM VSEM Provider package ?

It’s part of 2.2.1 combo driver bundle (ucs-bxxx-drivers.2.2.1). You can find CiscoProviderUCSMInstaller_1.1.14  under the following path


Was a bugger to find. The docs were updated yesterday.


We found the software and installed it. But you feel it coming, i think there is more to it in SCVMM2012R2. The plugin installs correctly but there should be a setup afterwards that is not appearing. Furthermore you see the installed plugin in scvmm2012r2 but we cannot see the switch extension under the fabric network components. Is there a way to do it manually?

Furthermore if you add a network service and go trhough the wizard you cannot connect to the UCSM. The documentation state that you can use the ip address but the connection keeps failing. It doesn't matter if you use the ucsm admin account or the connected AD account.

Is anyone run in to this?

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