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Field Notice 70545

FI 6248 Pre Licenced ports(1-12) configuration for Ethernet and FC

Hello UCS Gurus,

I am setting up a new UCS lab with 1 5108 Chassis,pair of FI 6248 and FEX2104.My query about the FI 6248 is that

1) I have 12 pre-licenced Unified ports on my FI 6248 and I need to configure 1-10 for Ethernet and 11th/12th for FC port.,,,,Is it a valid configuration?

2) If yes tomorrow if I buy the licence for the remaining ports 13-32. Can i continue using them as Ethernet and FC ports in alternate.I know

Ethernet ports/FC ports must be grouped together in a block and they should end with even numbered port.

Looking for your response on this....

Cisco Employee

Hello Deepak,

Licensing information


Cisco UCS 6248 fabric interconnect—pre-installed licenses for the first twelve unified ports enabled in Cisco UCS Manager. Expansion modules come with eight licenses that can be used on the expansion module or the base module.


Let me clarify the statement. Licenses are not tied to port numbers i.e Eth 1 - 12 . It associated with any first twelve ports that are enabled on the FI.

As an example, you can setup first 24 ports as Ethernet and remaining 8 ports as FC. Then enable necessary ports as server , Ethernet uplink and FC uplinks.



Hello Padma,

Thanks a ton for the prompt help and reply.Certainly helped me out.

So I got my answer , I will configure following ports on FI 6248

1-4----> Will connect it to IOM for Server Ports

17-20------> Will reserve it for  Uplink Ethernet Ports to my Ethernet Switch

29-32-----> Will reserve it for Uplink FC my FC Switch(MDS or N5k)

Please correct me if I misunderstood it.


A small query about the SFP trancievers to be connected to ports on FIs and IOMs.

I have 2 SFPs one is a Copper and other a Fiber tranceiver

SFP-H10GB-CU3M  and SFP-10G-SR

So do I need to put SFP-10G-SR on ports 29-32 of FIs ?

And SFP-H10GB-CU3M to all the remaining ports (1-4 and 17-20) of FIs and FEX2108?

Hello Deepak,

Yes, you are correct with SFP usage.

Please refer to table 3 & 4


Merci/Thanks/Dhanybaad  Padma.

Your reply confirms that cisco support forums are fastest encyclopedia for all cisco UCS queries,,,,,,

have a great day ahead!!!

Hello Padma,

I am stucked at a point of configuration on my lab and need your valuable advice.

I have 8 SFP-H10GB-CU3M and 4 Nos SFP-10G-SR in my BOM.

My confusion is I have to accomodate these SFPs only in my currect environment.I cant wait for the entire process of re-ordering new SFPs.

So I will have to split SFPs between the pair of FIs and IOMs.

So is it that I am short of SFPs? because my understanding says that I will be needing atleast 4 SFPs(Cu) on both FIs.

So for FI1----> 2 SFPs(Cu) for Server ports,2 SFPs(Cu) for Uplink Ethernet ports

for FI2------> 2 SFPs(Cu) for Server ports,2 SFPs(Cu) for Uplink Ethernet ports

That means all my 8 SFP-H10GB-CU3M are exhausted.

I dont have more SFPs to connect to my 2104 IO Modules.Please suggest me some workaround.I am in process of creating a lab so performance and bandwidth is not an issue for me.




SFP-H10GB-CU3M - It is 3 metre cable with SFPs at both ends.

Check out the pic here

Cisco 10GBASE SFP+ Modules Data Sheet

So you are good.


Thanks Padma for clearing my silly doubts!!! You rock!!!

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