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Has anyone successfully 100% prepared a JSON file for Hyperflex Install (without Serial Numbers)?


Cisco has always championed how easy it is to install Hyperflex, and every demo I've seen (and some I've done myself) has used a .json file to load the values into the installer.

For me, I've always prepared my JSON files by doing the install manually and saving the JSON file, then at demo time I re-use the file.

But the file that you save seems to have a BIG PROBLEM in relation to re-use. SERIAL NUMBERS

Let's say I have a customer that has two clusters with very similar IP addressing and VLAN allocations.  If I do the first install, save the .json file and edit it to reflect the second installation, you would expect it to work.

But it doesn't work 100%. It fills about 50% of the fields - most annoying is the section where IP addresses are assigned to the ESXi hosts, both at the Hypervisor Settings and the IP address settings page - neither of which really require the Serial Numbers (even if they are displayed - they are not REQUIRED at this stage)


So - does anyone know HOW to create a JSON file that the installer will accept without having the serial numbers in the install file? (Leaving serial numbers blank doesn't work!)


aka Chris Welsh

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