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integrate C240 M4 server into UCSM



I am having trouble to integrate the new C240 M4 server into UCSM.  It just will not be discovered by UCSM, or just stuck at 9% to 12 % in FSM.  I did all the re-set to factory default, power drain, but still have a hard time to let UCSM discover the rack mount server.


Any suggestions?





Cisco Employee

Hi Grace, What firmware is

Hi Grace,


What firmware is your UCSM running? UCSM firmware must be at least 2.2(3a)

How are you connecting this server, through a pair of FEXes or directly to the Fabric Interconnects?

What adapter model are you using for the integration, VIC 1225 or VIC 1227 (note that of you have both you must integrate the server with the 1227, if you only have the 1225 make sure it is install in slot  2 of this C240 M4 server.  

Let me know if this helps


Hi GraceDid you check the

Hi Grace

Did you check the prerequisites for the integration in


- PCIe slot for VIC-1225 Cisco UCS C240 M4 Server   slot nr 2


Cisco UCS C240 M4 Server






I have faced the same issue.

I have faced the same issue. I have VIC 1227 SFP+. Now i have updated the both UCSM and Rack Server Firmware. 1 Server got discovered. Still working on other 3 servers.



Cisco Employee



If you are facing issues integrating your rack servers, the first step you should try is deploying them in standalone, resetting to factory defaults, running the HUU on the server based on what version of firmware you will be running within UCSM, reset to factory defaults once again, and then attempt integration.

Usually the steps above will work out any issues with discovery, as long as all other pre-requisites are met.


Cisco Employee

Hi Rambabu,

Hi Rambabu,

To piggy back off of Wes Response, Below is a good step by step guide created to help you through the process of not being able to integrate the server.

steps to integrate c-series server

  1. Disconnect 10G cables between the VICs and FI.
  2. Remove server from UCSM (decommission server, then browse to Equipment -> Decommissioned -> Right click the server and click remove).
  3. Reboot Server and perform CIMC Reset to Factory Defaults.
  4. Connect 1G cable to MGMT port on server and configure for standalone access.
  5. Obtain rack server tech support bundle for server, upload to case notes for TAC CSE review.
  6. Boot the server with the standalone KVM and run the HUU package to match UCS Manager firmware bundle CIMC version against the server to re-image all server firmware. Download this from the following link: -> browse to XXX version and download the software package. Guide on how to use the HUU:
  7. Reboot Server and perform CIMC Reset to Factory Defaults.
  8. Pull Power cables for 30 seconds.
  9. Reconnect 10G cables.
  10. Reconnect power cables and power on.
  11. Verify if the server shows up in UCS Manager, this will take a few minutes. Re-acknowledge the server once it appears if the rack server discovery policy is set to user acknowledge.

Thanks Qiese. I have followed

Thanks Qiese. I have followed up your trouble shooting steps. 3 Servers came up. Still i have issue with 1 server.




Cisco Employee

You upgraded the firmware on

You upgraded the firmware on that server and then restarted the CIMC to factory defaults correct?

Cisco Employee

If you are getting stuck at 9

If you are getting stuck at 9%, please check your Rack Management Connectivity policy.  If it's set to user ack, then it's expecting you to go to the partially discovered server's Inventory tab, CIMC, and click on configure management Connection.  Set this to 'Sideband'.

Also just changing the policy to auto ack should get you past the 9%, if this is the issue you are hitting.



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