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iSCSI boot roadmap

Does anyone know if\when the following features will be available?

1. iSCSI boot support for vSphere 5

2. iSCSI initiator iqn configurable by service profile template

Lack of these features is making iSCSI boot a bit of a non-starter for designs I'm working on at the moment.


Robert Burns
Cisco Employee


We have the request for the IQN pool in the works - but we could use your help to elevate the urgency.  If possible, open a TAC case for this request and just request the engineer to attach this bug to it giving it.

CSCtr62641 - UCS needs to provide a built-in iqn or eui identifier for iSCSI boot

As for iSCSI boot support - let me verify & get back to you.



Thanks again Robert, I have logged the following:

619380901 for iqn pool

619380941 for vSphere 5 support

I got some tentative dates from TAC for anyone who is interested:

iqn initiator pools: early next year in next major release (ugh!)

vSphere 5 support: end of November

Anyone found the minor fault "iqn pool default is empty" ?

I cannot find section of iqn pool. there's something relate with this case ?

I have seen this fault after upgrading to 2.01q on 6248s, I have not seen it after upgrading 6100s though.

I wasn't able to find the iqn pool that the fault is refering to.

Since the iSCSI IP Pool is a "new" resource pool added in 2.0 it will of course generate a minor fault alerting you it's empty.  Populate it with a bogus IP if you don't intend on using it.

The iSCSI IP Pool is not specific to 6100 or 6200 FI's.  It's a UCSM 2.0 feature.

You can find this pool under LAN - Pools - IP Pools(iscsi-initiator-pool)

Edit  -There is no IQN pool yet.  The fault is referring to the "IP Pool for iscsi initiators".   IQN Pool support is coming in the next maintenance release of 2.0. (MR1).

See attached Screenshot.



Thanks Burns,

But for now, Do you have workaround for "iqn pool default is empty" to disappear from minor log (UCSM 2.01q)?

because my customer request...

Robert, it isn't the ISCSI ip pool that is faulting. It is the iqn pool but I can't find it anywhere. For the ISCSI IP Pool I have been adding a single bogus IP to clear the fault.

In my case I am only seeing this iqn pool fault on 6248s that I have upgraded to 2.01q. Here is a screen shot

Let me look at a proper 6248 & 2.0.1q system and confirm back.  Might be a bug if we're exposing the fault but not the functionality yet.

The iqn pool logic is in the code, UCSM is just not (supposed to be) using it yet.

Stay tuned.


Gents, you are both correct.   This only pops with the 6200 hardware - strange!

I'm going to research this further today, and get back to you with a solution or bug ID.



I've opened a bug for this under CSCtu24283

(Might take 24hrs to be publicly visible).


UCSM displays a minor fault of "iqn pool default is empty".


UCSM 2.0 and 6248 Fabric Interconnect.


None.  It's currently not possible to create iqn pools in version 2.0(1q).  This functionality will be added in the next maintenance release MR1. This alert can be safely ignored.

**As always, if you guys could open a quick TAC case, and ask to attach this bug, it will help get this patched ASAP.



cool, thanks Robert


If possible, are you able to pull me a UCSM show tech from one of the systems you ran into this issue with?  I have recreated in my lab system, but a customer system would be very helpful as well.

If so, let me know and I'll PM you instructions on uploading it to me.



Hey Robert, I would be happy to do that. My envionment is also a lab.

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