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L2 disjoint VNic update VLANs

I have a L2 disjoint setup (FIA and B) and vlans 10 and 20 pinned to portchannel 2 and vlans 110 and 120 pinned to pc 3. I have 2 vnic from updating template one on FIA and one on FIB. The vnics have vlan 10 and 20. I read UCS sees the  vlans for the vnic on pc2 and sends it that way.

When I remove 10 and 20 and add 110 and 120 traffic does not seem to switch to pc3. I know on updating template adding/removing vlans does take immediate affect but how about a port channel change decision by UCS? should it work or can I use power shell or cli to force a recalculate and send it down pc3?

Cisco Employee

Re: L2 disjoint VNic update VLANs

Have you already removed VLAN 110 and 120 from Po3 using LAN Uplinks manager?



After you make the change, run a 'show run int veth X' on the vNIC in question from nxos to see if its programmed for VLAN 110 and 120. If so, you may just need to flap the vNIC to get it to re-pin to the new uplink. Would need to test in the lab.


Re: L2 disjoint VNic update VLANs

In lan uplinks manager I have 10 and 20 pinned to pc2 and 110 and 120 pinned to pc3z I’m leaving those as is and changing the vlan membership on the vnic to match pc2 or pc3.
I will check cli.
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