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Licenses required for a VMware solution on top of UCS-B series

Hello All,

Looking for some guidance in order to develop a green field project, and appreciate any inputs.

Client wants to virtualize most of his corporate applications, mainly microsoft deployment such as AD, Exchange, Webserver, DNS, NTP, FTP, etc. This will be running within a single blade B200 M3. A second blade B200 M3 will host UC application (CUCM, Unity). A third blade B200 M3 will be hosting management applications such as Cisco Prime Infrastructure & Cisco ISE. The 4th blade B200 M3 will be hosting the vCenter and Nexus 1000v. Now, since B200 has two CPUs, these are the licenses we are considering:

2 vSphere ENT PLUS license per blade (1 per CPU). That is, 4 blades x 2 CPU each = 8 vSphere licenses

2 vCenter licenses (1 per CPU ) - single chassis

2 Microsoft Windows server 2008 R2 ENT licenses (1 per CPU) to support the microsoft deployment for corporate applications

1 Nexus 1000v (PN N1K-CSK9-UCS-404) - this is the PN inside the blade configuration. Question: Does this PN include VEM as well, or only the VSM? Do we need to add VEM licenses with PN N1K-VLCPU-xxx? If yes, how many? 4 Blades = 8 CPUs, that is 2 x L-N1K-VLCPU-04 ?

Please advise if these assumptions for licenses are correct.

On a side note: for the UC application, the blade will be diskless to comply with the design guide (specs-based), it will boot from a NetApp storage (F series) in NAS deployment through iSCSI over TCP/IP, and disks will be delivered through NAS using NFS protocol. Is there any issues on this approach?

Thank you!


You would be correct on the amount of vSphere Enterprise Plus licenses.

You would only need 1 vCenter license, it is licensed by instance, not by CPU.

For the 1000v licenses, take a look at this blog.  Depending on the feature set that you require, there are two tiers of licenses for the 1000v.  One license is free, and most likely will cover what you need.  There is an advanced license that is $695 per processor.  These licenses would include the VSM along with the VEM.

Hope this helps!

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