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Stephane Bonnet

Nexus 7K - FEX - Cisco B22hp

Hi everyone,

I recently state with our new nx-os version 6.0(4) SUP1 that we can finally use FEX feature.

I need to know if it is also possible to use a Cisco B22HP (c-7000) with a NX-7K as parent switch in this release.

I try to test a FEX port configuration until the end with our Nexus 7K, but when i finally arrive in the fex configuration i didn't see the type B22 in the CLI choice:

NEXUS-7K(config-fex)# type ?

  N2148T   Fabric Extender 48x1G 4x10G Module

  N2224TP  Fabric Extender 24x1G 2x10G SFP+ Module

  N2232P   Fabric Extender 32x10G 8x10G Module

  N2248T   Fabric Extender 48x1G 4x10G Module

What kind of type must i choose to support a N2K-B22HP-P, this one N2232P ? A B22 seems to be nothing else than a 22XX in an HP enclosure...

Is anyone has already configured this kind of design, and is this really fcuntionnal ?

I really appreciate some background information about this possible deployment in real-life.



Eric Rose
Cisco Employee

From the datasheet the N7k is not yet listed.

see Table 2 - nothing is listed under N7k column.



Yep, i notice it's really obvious.

But after some night dead hours of web surfing, i see some paper about NX-7K parent capability in Cisco document for this stuff & impossible for me to retrieve that damn document, i'm disappointed ...

I have also see this Cisco document which let me hope that the compatibility was already on: Unified_Fabric Maurizio_Portolani.

Because it was dated of March 2012, the nx-os quickly evolves and in the compatibility matrix of the Cisco Nexus 7000 Parent Switch, there was some "bad" clue it seems about new platform support, notice the Blue & Asterisk items without explanation ...

It seems that i need to stay with other vendor product then for a time again ...

Really hope Cisco change this in short term.

Thx !


ok via a google search, i found what i think you referenced as Unified_Fabric Maurizio_Portolani

looking at page 29 and 30, I dont see B22-HP list for the N7k - maybe in the future but i dont have that information.


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