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Partition remains after FlexFlash scrub of SD cards



we are facing the problem that we do not get a clean scrub of our SD cards. The server is a B480 M5, two SD cards paired as RAID1 via Local Disk Policy. It is running FW 4.0(1b), the UCS infrastructure is 4.0(1d).


This is what we tried to entirely wipe the cards:

- Format SD

- Re-Acknowledge Blade with default scrub policy set "FlexFlash Scrub" to Yes

- Disassociate Service Profile with scrub policy set "FlexFlash Scrub" to Yes

- Server Maintenance and "Reset to Factory Default" with FlexFlash Scrub


You can see the result after the factory reset in the screenshot attached: there is still a partition left.

This partition is disturbing our ESXi installation so at the moment we use a Linux rescue system to clear the SD cards.


Is there a way to do this procedure via UCS Manager or the CLI?




Wes Austin
Cisco Employee

The scrub policy is typically erases the boot partition on the disk, but not necessarily all the data. It erases enough information so you can re-install an operating system from scratch on the SD cards successfully.


Have you attempted to re-install an OS after the scrub? If you are looking to utilize the scrub policy as an erase and sanitize option, you may need to use a third party tool.


Otherwise, I would open a TAC case for further investigation.

Hi Wes,


thank you for the fast reply! I am afraid but I need to correct my previous post. We only have this behaviour with a B480 M5. It does work with a B200 M5.

We are using VMware AutoDeploy to do the ESXi installation, maybe this is a problem. Doing a fresh installation of a ESXi or Linux Distribution via ISO does work.


As I understand your answer the scrub actions the UCS is doing always leave a remaining partition or virtual device.

And there is currently no way to sanitize SD cards by any UCS Management Tools.


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