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Rename Fabric Interconnects

I need to swap the names of two fabric interconnects in a UCS domain.  FI-A needs to be FI-B and vice versa.  The FI's were set up backwards.  Is this possible?  Thanks.

Cisco Employee

Re: Rename Fabric Interconnects

Re: Rename Fabric Interconnects

That changes the shared system name of the UCS domain, not the name of the UCS FIs.  Example, my domain name is MyUCS.  My FIs are named MyUCS-A and MyUCS-B.


I don't need to change to domain name, I need to swap the FI names.  I need to rename MyUCS-B to MyUCS-A.



Cisco Employee

Re: Rename Fabric Interconnects

The Fabric Interconnects are assigned -A or -B based on which one comes online first.  You cant rename them the way you mention, as its just a role that is assigned to the switch.


Can you elaborate on how they were setup backwards? As long as your IOMs are all connected to the same switches on the same path (A vs B), you should be good.

Re: Rename Fabric Interconnects

There are some folks in leadership of our group that are highly concerned with consistency between datacenters and networks.  They want to ensure that Fabric Interconnect "A" in each UCS domain across each network (total of 10 UCS domains) are located at the same orientation and physical rack location.  In other words:  If FI-A is in rack 1 in datacenter 1 and FI-B is in rack 2, then FI-A in datacenter 2 shouldn't be in rack 2 in datacenter 2.  I'd hate to have to physically pull the FIs and swap them to appease the leadership.  I was hoping there would be a way to logically rename the FIs.



Re: Rename Fabric Interconnects

I'm assuming the only way to perform this would be to wipe the FIs and then re-configure from scratch, setting up the FI's  with the one I want to be A first.  This is awfully disrupting, any other ideas would be appreciated.  Thanks.


Re: Rename Fabric Interconnects

When you change it in admin as that article states it will change the name of each FI. So for example you have FI's named fi123c-a and fi123c-b with a cluster name of fi123c and you change the cluster name in admin as stated to fi12345c. Each FI name will be changed to fi12345c-a and fi12345c-b. 

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