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Sub-Organization's Network control Policy used by a vNIC Template causes Warning


using UCSM 1.4.(1i) if a Network Control Policy defined in a Sub-Origaniziation is used by a vNIC Template the following warning shows up:

* Description:
** Policy reference nwCtrlPolicyName does not resolve to named policy.
* ID: 792882
* Cause: named-policy-unresolved
* Code: F4526851

This does not happen if the network control policy has been defined in the "root" organization.

Any ideas on how to get rid of that warning?


Cisco Employee

Re: Sub-Organization's Network control Policy used by a vNIC Tem

Where does the Template exist - within the same Sub-Org or in the root/different Org?

If you define a Network Control Policy (NCP) within a sub-org, and then create a Service Profile Template from the root, you will not have access to the NCP.

I'll have to confirm if this is changed behavior from prior to 1.4.

If you want to assign a NCP to a Profile, it must exist within the same level org as the Template.  Delete the old one, create a new one with the same/different name in the same org, then assign the NCP to your template and the error will clear.




Re: Sub-Organization's Network control Policy used by a vNIC Tem

Hi Robert,

the Template does exist in the same Sub-Organization as the NCP.

I also did delete and recreate the NCP and recreate the problem in another Sub-Organization with new Template and new NCP.

Profiles residing in the same Sub-Organization can use the same NCP without warning.

Regards, Ralph


Sub-Organization's Network control Policy used by a vNIC Templat


I have had the same problem in my environment for awhile. I have been ignoring it because even though the warning says the policy can't be found when I check the NIC Templates in the server OS they are able to see the CDP information so the settings have been working. I found that if I just go ahead and create another policy in root with the same name the warnings all clear. I figure this is some buggy alert. I know the change in setting was getting recognized and if the vNIC Template can't find it then why would it be an option in the drop down right? Either way taking advantage of the fact that if it can't find it in the sub-org the UCS automatically searches for the same named item in the root org, I didn't need to change vNIC Templates I just had to let it find the new one in root.

I also find it interesting that no VNIC has this problem just VNIC Templates.


I realize this is an old

I realize this is an old thread but the problem still exists in 2.2.3c of the code. 

I have seen this warning in ver 1.4, 2.0, 2.1 and now in 2.2. I wonder if there is a plan on fixing this bug, though seeing the number of versions this has existed in I would think there is no plan ... :(

Cisco Employee

Can you detail the exact

Can you detail the exact steps to recreate.  I'm working on 2.2(5a) and I don't see the issue.  Here's what I did.

  • Create Org "test" below root
  • Create NCP in Org/test
  • Create vNIC template in Org/test
  • Create Service Profile in Org/test, add vNIC bound to vNIC template above
  • No errors





Morning Robert, I opened a

Morning Robert,


I opened a new thread where I have added some information about the setup.



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