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System Center Operations Manager - Supressing Alerts

Whenever a UCS blade is rebooted, I get a series of these alerts...

  • Server.F0207: link-down
  • Server.F0283: link-down
  • Server.F0479: vif-down

I will get close to 20 alerts when a blade is rebooted.  I have tried putting the server in Maintenance Mode in SCOM but the alerts persist.

The problem seems to be that the "Source" of the alert is not the "Windows Computer" object (which is what I am putting in Maintenance Mode) but rather the "Blade X" object.

That being said, what is proper procedure to put a UCS blade into Maintenance Mode in SCOM so my alert views do not get saturated with these link-down and vif-down alerts?

Kirk J
Cisco Employee


I've seen other customers ask similar question a few times.

The issue is, how do you distinguish between vif/link down alerts via a reboot, vs a PSOD,BSOD, thermal PSU reset, etc,etc,, in terms of disabling alerts.

You would really need to approach this more from alert suppression at the UCSM level. 

In equipment tab, you can initiate or schedule out a 'Start Fault Suppression' on the blade itself, or at a chassis level, and choose the 'server' suppression policy for all the blades.




With v4.1.3 of the UCS Management Service for SCOM, alerts are generated in the SCOM console even though these UCS faults have cleared in the UCS console (reboot completed successfully). 


This didn't seem to be the case with the v4.1.1 version of the UCS Management Service.  Our procedure is to place a chassis into maintenance mode in SCOM during reboot operations, and no faults generate SCOM alerts during this time.  The reboots complete, and severity changes to cleared.  Once SCOM maintenance mode is removed from the chassis, the cleared faults would not then generating alarms in SCOM, even though they were still present in the UCS management console.


If I manually acknowledge the fault in UCS, SCOM closes the alert.


Is there a way to not generate SCOM alerts or close SCOM alerts on faults that have cleared in the console?



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