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Field Notice 70545

UCS 210C M2

I have a UCS210 c m2... I have confogured switch for ether channel the way the student guide suggests.. When I configure esx for mulit vlans I have issues sometimes where I have to shut down on port on the switch to  get talking to the CIMC or to vsphere.. I have confgure the vswitch multiple ways. Frst I set the vlan number on the esx ports and that causes issue launching the cucm web page. When  I set the ports to 4095 it all seems to work bjut I may have to shut down switch port on a reboot.. My management vlan is the same as a subnet I am using so I have vlan 172 and 162 when I set the switchports on esx to specific vlans ie:162 172 I have trouble connecting to the cimc and vsphere when my ;aptop is in the same subnet..

so I have a pub address, esx mgmt is  my laptop is    My unity connection  is

so esx have one port group set for 162 and another set for 172, mgmt is 172... I ended up setting all for 4095...

I hope this makes sense and wonder does anyone have a smaple esx confg for multi vlans on a UCS c model and I will assume the ether channel is correct according to the way they are teaching  


In your c-series, what card type do you have installed in the server or are you using onboard ports?

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i am using on board cards. I do have another with a 4 port card and the two onboard cards. Both behave the same..

I set mgmt to 4095 and set vlan 172 on a port group in esx-i on a reboot I need to shut one switch port down then a no shut and all okay

What is your nic setting on the server? Shared LOM?

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It is set to dedicated. Should it be shared

No, check your NIC settings....I believe you will want to use active-active as your setting.

The NIC redundancy options depend on the mode chosen in the NIC Mode drop-down list and the model of the server that you are using. If you do not see a particular option, then it is not available for the selected mode or server model.

The available options are:

  • none—Each port associated with the configured NIC mode operates independently. The ports do not fail over if there is a problem.

  • active-active—If supported, all ports associated with the configured NIC mode operate simultaneously. This increases throughput and provides multiple paths to the CIMC.

  • active-standby—If a port associated with the configured NIC mode fails, traffic will fail over to one of the other ports associated with the NIC mode.


    If you select this option, make sure all ports associated with the configured NIC mode are connected to the same subnet to ensure that traffic is secure regardless of which port is used.

I thought that setting affected the CIMC port.. 10/100 

I am using the gig ports that get usedby vmware

One the issues is if you talk to VMWAREthey do NOT support ether channel , but all the cisco student course material thats the y way to hook up the gig ports used by vmware,

So have confussion from the word go,

Mike, don't get the NIC mode and NIC redundancy mixed up.  See descriptions below regarding CIMC

NIC Mode

The NIC Mode drop-down list in the NIC Properties area determines which ports can reach the CIMC. The following mode options are available, depending on your platform:

  • Cisco Card—A connection to the CIMC is available through an installed adapter card.

  • Dedicated—A connection to the CIMC is available through the management Ethernet port or ports.

  • Shared LOM—A connection to the CIMC is available only through the LAN On Motherboard (LOM) Ethernet host ports. In some platforms, a 10 Gigabit Ethernet LOM option is available.


    In shared LOM mode, all host ports must belong to the same subnet.

NIC Redundancy

The NIC Redundancy drop-down list in the NIC Properties area determines how NIC redundancy is handled:

  • None—Redundancy is not available.

  • Active-Active—All Ethernet  ports operate simultaneously. This mode provides multiple paths to the CIMC.

  • Active-Standby—One port fails over to the other.

The available redundancy modes vary depending on the selected network mode and your platform

Thanks , I am okay with the Nic mode vs nic redundency.. I can always get to the CIMC.. The issue is getting to the VSWITCH in vmware..

I have tried removing channel group. and straight tunks same issue.. Once i Set the VSWITCH setings to anything but 4095  I have issues..

I created two port groups one is 162 and one should be 172 , The problem I think is because my mgmt vlan is  my callmanager in port group 172 is  so now the mgmt  vlan and one port group are the same subnet...

My second port group is set to 162 and my unity is

so if I change the mgmt vlan and port group 172 to 4095 on both life is good...

Everything now is rebooting correctly and comes up,,

My concern is settingport group 172 to 4095 all vlans...

Before when I rebooted no matter how vmware mgmt vlan and port group 172 were set.. I had to shut one switch port down to get access frm vsphere or from web admin.

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