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UCS Advantage Videos


These UCS Advantage videos show simple and to the point differentiators of UCS.

The goals of the series are to:

  • Bring out the "what is different -- and why should we care"
  • Show how operational tasks become much simpler with UCS
  • Help the viewer become more familiar with unique aspects of UCS that they might not be using yet
  • Provide a baseline of knowledge to new users on Cisco's server offerings
  • Show how the consolidation, automation, and virtualization move from slideware to actual customer implementations -- today

This series was developed by Cisco to give our customers a quick sampling of just a few of the technical advantages of Cisco’s Unified Computing System solution


UCS Advantage Series Introduction

UCS Networking and Storage

This series of short videos covers the ins and outs of LAN and SAN configuration through service profiles / pools / policies / and vmfex virtualization management.

UCS Infrastructure

This series of short videos covers the UCS hardware infrastructure.   Some of the subjects covered are power management, firmware management, performance mangement, and using the emulator environment .

UCS C-Series Standalone Rack-Server Management

This series of short videos covers the management of standalone C-series servers, outside the scope of UCS manager.

UCS Servers and Server Management

This series of short videos covers servers and server management within the UCS Manager framework.

UCS Security

This series of short videos covers network and hypervisor security domain features and UCS security certifications.

Data Center Solutions

This series of short videos discusses FlexPod and VersaStack solutions and SAP HANA deployments on UCS

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