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Field Notice 70545

UCS C24 M3 Problem getting hard drives to recognize

I have spent days trying to setup this server and finally am asking for help. I have tried disabling all option roms and downloading the 5.5 GB ISO file with drivers for Windows Server 2012. The server does not see the drives. I have two A03-D300GA2 drives in slots 1 and 2. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Walter Dey

Is this server standalone, or UCSM integrated / managed ?

This is a standalone server.

Manuel Velasco
Cisco Employee

Hi Cesar,

What raid controller are you using  on this server? Is it a PCI, mezzanine or are you using the onboard controller?

The screenshot shows that the embedded controller doesn't see any drives, if you are using the embedded controller make sure the SAS/SATA cables are connected to the two SAS port on the motherboard. If you are not using the embedded controller, you will need to disable this at the BIOS to allow the PCI or Mezzanine controller to manage the drives.

I am using the onboard controller. I have the cables connected to the SAS ports on the motherboard.

If you go to the sensor menu under the server tab and click on the Hard Disk tab, do you see both of your drives as present?

Are these SAS or SATA drives?

The embedded controlle will support SAS drives only if the ROM5 or ROM55 chip is installed.  If this is not install only SATA drives will be supported.


Page, 7

■Embedded RAID (3 Gbs). This implementation of RAID does not consume a PCI slot.

• Embedded SATA-only RAID controller, supporting up to four SATA-only

drives (RAID 0, 1, 10), or

• ROM5 embedded RAID upgrade, supporting up to 8 SAS+SATA drives

(RAID 0, 1, 10), or

• ROM55 embedded RAID upgrade, supporting up to 8 SAS+SATA drives

(RAID 0, 1, 5, 10).

Looks like the sensor screen sees the drives. I have two A03-D300GA2 drives that are SAS.


Do you know if your server cam with either ROM5 or ROM55 chip installed?  if you provide the serial number of he server I can check this.  Without any of this chips the sas drives would never work on the embedded controller.

Im begining to think this is my problem. My SN is WZP172700CA, please check. Thank You.

Hi Cesar,

I didn't see any of these chips on the sales order for your server or any hard disks on the same order.  At this point I believe this is the problem. Please try this with sata drives. I am sure it will work.  Also make sure to use SATA cables.

If I order UCSC-RAID-ROM5 will I be able to use the drives I have? I am seening this for $18.99, Is this about the right price for this, I want to make sure Im ordering the correct part. Thanks for all your help.

Yes, SAS drives would be supported.  I am not sure about the price, I recommen that you talk to your Cisco sales person for this. 

Hi Cesar,

Were you able to get SATA drives or the  CSC-RAID-ROM5 chip for your server?

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