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UCS Central Best Practice Guide --- Updated for Release 1.3(1a)


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The UCS Central Best Practice Guide helps administrators of single or multiple UCS management domains to aggregate and simplify management through UCS Central

This version has been updated for the UCS Central 1.3(1a) Release.


Will this be updated with the release of UCS Central 1.1? (I am assuming 1.1 is "phase 2")

Yes, the UCS Central Guide for the 1.1(1a) release is pending review and is expected to be refreshed shortly.   Please stay tuned.   Thanks,   -Jeff


Perfect, I will look for the update.



Really great document. Perfectly to the point and explain real world experience while deploying product.

Document describes nice troubleshooting tips for issue while registering to UCS central-- which I have came across during install.  I have also come across some of bug that listed in document.

Very well focus document -- really usesul.. Thanks for sharing...Keep it up ..


Hetal Soni


P.29 says

17 The "autoinstall" feature is not recommended for upgrading to UCSM 2.1(2a)

why ? please explain !

Hi Jeff,

Great Doc.


Cisco Employee

Fixed Broken Link to the New UI VOD.

Just installed 1.41 I will go trough the best practice again.

Is it normal that the gui does not retain your dashboard on logout?

its always back to default.



Cisco Employee

The Dashboard should be retained between sequential log ins with the same user ID. If not, please open a TAC case.

Thanks Jacobus,

I will open a TAC call.


Cisco Employee

Steph - Greetings, I am the TME for UCS Central. Can you please try to "Restore Dashboard Defaults" from Admin, and then try to customize your Dashboard. Please let me know?



Hi Matt,

No change always back to the screen with the wizards. and the welcome demo is running all the time.

this does the same ting for all the users.

also we are using the AD authentication method. I don't know if this may be related.



Cisco Employee

Thanks for the info Steph....I have notified the UI Dev Manager, and we'll be looking into it.....

Will let you know once I find-out more.



Hi Matt,

Thanks for the help.

Is there a discussion for any bug we encounter?

So far there seems to be a few strange things happening:

Backup schedule keeps going to not backup status.

FW Schedules sees FW set to run at 1970 time as current and active

Config export keeps going back to not exported.

Gui issue with keeping config.

Also there is something I really don't understand in the Domain navigation If we add our domain to lower domain group should it not be reflected in the upper group so we can have policies or action applied to root that push to all the domain and some specific to there respective domain group? So far I have notice that if I put a domain in a lower group it is remove from root and stop receiving policies or action from this group. I thought that this was a hierarchy?

Can you elaborate on this to please.



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