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UCS Central lost-visibility, un-register impact

Hi all, I inherited a UCS domain that is registered to UCS Central. The WWPN, UID and MAC pools are managed using UCS Central along with the service profile templates. The UCS domain lost-visibility at some point to UCS Central. I need to un-register UCS Central but am unsure of the impact. 


If I un-register UCS Central while in a lost-visibility state knowing that Central controls templates and pools, will this cause issues when it tries to localize everything? Will I loose my WWPN, UID, MAC pools and experience an outage?


UCSM version is 2.2(6d) 

Cisco Employee

DO NOT Unregister as that will cause more headaches that it will solve. 


Your best bet is to try and resolve the Lost Visibility state. What does the FSM on UCSM > Admin > Communication Management > UCS Central show for why it cannot reach Central? 


Some things to check:

  • Is UCSM using IP or DNS to go to the UCS Central.
    • If IP, did the IP of Central change?
    • If DNS, does the name still resolve to the current Central IP?
  • Is the Time / Date / Time Zone in sync between both UCSM and Central?
  • Shared Secret changed on Central?
  • Could me more issues and if you can, engage TAC to help fix. But please do not Unregister the Domain.



Thanks amrino2. Unfortunately re-establishing connectivity to UCS Central is not an option as the network between UCS Central and UCSM was recently cutover (lost visibility issue existing prior to the network cutover). I will open another case with Cisco and push for an answer on how best to deal with this. The first case that was opened they indicated it won't be an issue but they had not dealt with this scenario before.


I'm starting to feel as though I should just re-create everything local and update the severs with the local profile one at a time and rezone everything. After that, un-register UCS Central.




Did you ever resolve this issue? If so, what steps did you have to take? Thanks

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