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UCS HealthCheck v2.5


UCS Communities Login ID: robbeck

Twitter handle (optional): TechBeck03

Have you read the Official Rules of the Contest and do you accept the terms and conditions     Yes  [X ]    No  [   ]

Are you a Cisco employee                                                                                                                          Yes  [ X]    No  [   ]

Does the script run on an emulator -                                                                                                          Yes [ X ]    No  [   ]

          If yes which version? 2.2(x) for full compatibility

v2.5 Edit:  Added a new check for the Firmware Auto Sync Policy (credit to Marcello Turano)

v2.4 Edit:  Added support for Ucs PowerTool 2.x and fixed timestamp

v2.3 Edit:  Fixed FC uplink SAN performance data and added single psu support


                Script for polling multiple UCS Domains and creating an html report

  of the domain inventory, configuration, and overall health


  Powershell version 3.0 or higher

  Connection to the internet

  UCS PowerTool version 1.1.1 or higher


Video Link : 15145


  Before generating the report select option 1) from the root menu

  and connect to target UCS Domains.  Cache domain credentials after

  connecting to speed up future script executions.

  You must have an active internet connection to view the report as it

  streams some javascript and css files to build report

  Use the UsedCache, RunReport, Silent, and Email switch options to automate

  script execution (especially if scheduling script as a task)

  Ex: .\UCS_Health_Check_v2.5.ps1 -UseCached -RunReport -Silent -Email


The generated html report supports multiple domains worth of data.  Use the Domain

dropdown at the top of the page to switch between UCS Domains.  Some of the table

entries can be clicked for a more detailed view.  There are help icons with tooltips to

help explain the capabilities of each table.

Include your script here:

Shayne niu
Community Member

So great script , impressive!

Community Member

I've installed Powershell 4, .NET framework 4.5 and UCS PowerTools 1.3.

When I run "C:\MyScripts\UCS_Health_Check_v2.1.ps1) I get the following error: "This script requires UCS PowerTool Modules". Any ideas?

What are the steps to cache your credentials to the ucs_cache.ucs file?


Awesome script.  Very impressive output formatting.

Great work!


Has anyone used this with AD/LDAP integration setup?  How would I specify a local login vs. an AD login when connecting via this script?

Cisco Employee

Yes this will work with an AD user account.  How you format the username depends on your default authentication method.  If your default is local (which it is by default) then you'd format the username as:

ucs-<Domain Name>\userName

where <Domain Name> is the case sensitive name you gave the AD domain in UCS Manager.

If your default authentication is set to LDAP then you simply use the username and password without the ucs-<Domain Name>

Please let me know if you have any issues.


Community Member

Might be a long shot, but what are the chances you could add the Contract End Date for each serial number either on the inventory page or a separate page?

We seem to have the hardest time keeping an accurate list of all an inventory, and this script has corrected that. Now just looking for a way to quickly see when stuff is going off contract so we can proactively renew.


Cisco Employee

Great idea John but unfortunately there aren't any external tools i know of that allow for polling support contract details.  I could create a reports page that allows you to download the serial numbers into a csv but you'd have to work through a partner or cisco rep to get the contract details.

If we ever release an external portal with an API to expose this contract data then we could add this to the health check report.

Community Member

For some reason both the online and offline versions of this tool are generating blank reports.  The utility is able to connect to the domain and it takes about 4-5 min. to finish but when I open up the html file it doesn't have any of the data populated.

Cisco Employee

Could be a browser issue as it uses javascript behind the scenes.  Could you send me your html file please.

Community Member

Sent you the generated report.  It's odd because the sample one attached to this article displays without a problem.

Community Member

Exellent tool, but I'm having some minor issues running UCSM 2.2(3d) and CiscoUcs-PowerTool- with PowerShell 3.0. All columns in the html output are displayed perfectly, except for the SAN part / tab of the html output. Cannot see any of the SAN Uplink Ports in any browser, even if I know the SAN Uplinks are configured in UCSM. Any ideas what could be the issue? Thanks for any help.


Thanks robbeck for this wonderful scripts.provide a whole loads of info and scheduling it as a task is running perfectly.

Just have a small issues seems related to thomas where the report doesnot show SAN uplink Ports or storage ports..I am running UCS 2.2(3d)...Though it shows the details for UCS domain running on 2.1(3a).

Could you please advise..

Community Member

I know Brandon Beck will fix this in version 2.3. He replied to my e-mail on the 18th of June. We just have to be patient :

---- Brandon Beck (robbeck) wrote ----

Unfortunately this is a known issue because I only had fcoe attached storage and the logic is different for native FC.  I was waiting for someone to complain before I took the time to fix it

I’ll work on a version 2.3 with the fix.


Brandon Beck |  Technical Solutions Architect 

Community Member

Great script , very impressive!

Community Member

Has a fix for this been found?  I have dug through the code and am baffled by this.  I have tried multiple machines, etc and cannot get this report to actually write the HTML with actual data.

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