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UCS/MDS Connectivity Issue

I am configuring Fiber Interconnect 6120 with MDS 9148. I am facing issues with connectivity and unable to see WWNN/WWPN @ MDS flogi database.

FC is in switch mode and FC ports are configured as UPLink ports. 

Please confirm if there are some additional configurations required.

any simplest way to establish communication between to establish communication between UCS and MDS?

Cisco Employee

Re: UCS/MDS Connectivity Issue

Ensure you have the upstream MDS configured with npiv.

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Re: UCS/MDS Connectivity Issue

NPIV is already enabled on FC switch.

do i need to configure trunking on both side FI and FC switch?

Cisco Employee

Re: UCS/MDS Connectivity Issue

Depends if you intend on using FC Trunking.  If yes, then you would need to enable FC trunking on the FI and on the MDS  By default ports are not trunking and will be configured for a single VSAN only.

On the FI, the FC Uplink port will not come up unless the VSANs match on both sides, or trunking has been correctly configured.  You can assign a port to a particular VSAN by selecting it from the Hardware Tab and highlighting the port, and assigning it to a configured VSAN on the right pane.  Ensure your required VSANs have been configured on the FI first under the VSAN tab.  You should consult your Storage Admin for which VSANs are in use on the upstream MDS.




Re: UCS/MDS Connectivity Issue

Thanks Robert.

and if i go for FC trunking, I do have to confgure port channel on FI and MDS, am i right?

What if i m not intend to use FC trunking....what is the other way out?

We are using only one vSAN on MDS and I guess it should be matching with FI. I have to confirm this in morning.

Cisco Employee

Re: UCS/MDS Connectivity Issue

As I said, if you're not using Trunking you just have to make sure the interface is configured for the appropriate VSAN  - on both the FI and MDS sides.

From your MDS - first know exactly which port(s) go to your Fabric Interconnect.  Normally a topology would be for a single FI to connect to one MDS, and the other FI to connect to the 2nd MDS.  Most SAN admins design split fabrics - even if they happen to use the same single VSAN ID.

1. From the MDS find out which VSAN your interface is assigned to:

MDS# show vsan membership

(VSANs and assigned interfaces will be displayed.)

2. Confirm your interface is configured as a Fabric port

show run int x/y

interface fcx/y

  switchport mode F

3.  Next go to UCS, find the corresponding interface on the Fabric Interconnect, ensure the same VSAN above has already been created as a Global VSAN, and then highlight the port in the Equipment Tab, and use the drop down box to assign the appropriate VSAN.

4. Repeat for other fabric.



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