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UCS Performance Manager v2.0.1 (Maintenance Release)


UCS Performance Manager v2.0.1 is now available!

Built with technology from ZENOSS, Cisco UCS Performance Manager (UCSPM) is an agent-less, performance monitoring and capacity planning tool custom built for the UCS Administrator.  UCSPM provides unified visiblity into UCS infrastructure, LAN/SAN switching, storage arrays, hypervisors and server operating systems.

Maintenance Release:

This release is primarily a Maintenance Release and contains many defect fixes.

- This release is recommended for anyone using a prior version of UCSPM.

New Features:

  • Self Monitoring - UCSPM will automatically register and monitor the Control Center application
  • Public Endpoints - the ability to to create a "public endpoint" for access to the UCS Performance Manager and Control Center application web servers directly via  ip : port.

This release also includes new additions to the Appliance Administration menu (allowing for menu driven execution of common tasks):

  • "Update System" provides a simplified update/upgrade process
  • "Reboot/Shutdown System"  easy access to reboot or graceful shutdown of the UCSPM Appliance

UCS Performance Manager v2.0.1 is a free upgrade for existing customers (UCSPM 1.1.x license files are supported in UCSPM 2.x).   Existing Performance, Modeling and Event data can be migrated from UCSPM 1.x deployments to a UCSPM v2.0.1 instance.

UCSPM v2.0.1 contains a built-in 30-day eval - Download from today:

Download UCSPM Software today:

- Software


- Release Notes

- Install and Getting Started Guides

- Migration Guide

- Admin Guide

- User Guide

Deployment Calculator:

UCSPM 2.0 Deployment Calculator

UCS Performance Manager 2.x API Documentation (attached)


Dear Jason Shaw,

Thanks for the really useful information, I have some simple questions about UCSPM licensing. It would be great if you can give me some clear answers.

First i should say sorry if i asked licensing question in maintenance release post, if i'm in the wrong place for these questions please point me to the right direction.

Here is my questions:

  1. "UCS-PM-IE" is the UCS Performance Manager Product ID i'm going to order, is there any license required ?
    • At least we want to monitor 5x UCS-B Series chassis, 2x FI, 2x NX5K and 2x EMC VNX storage in phase1.
  2. What is the maximum number of end not we can monitor when we order "UCS-PM-IE" ? (Server/Storage/OS)

Thanks for your time and help.

Frequent Contributor

1. You have to buy the same license (UCS-PE-IE or UCS-PE-EE) for entire UCS domain - for all servers connected to one UCS Manager.

2. One UCE-PM-IE license allows to monitor one bare-metal OS/hypervisor (with all VMs) per server, one LAN device (ex. N5k) and one SAN device (ex. EMC VNX).



As Dominik alluded - licensing for UCSPM is per UCS Server (blade/rack server) - when you purchase UCSPM, you purchase a quantity of server licenses (for UCS-PM-IE or UCS-PM-EE) and install these into your deployment. When you register a UCS Domain, the server count is discovered and deducted from your installed license pool.

You can register any number of non-UCS devices that are related to the servers (such as LAN/SAN switches, Hypervisors/OS running on the UCS Servers, Storage Arrays, etc..)

Tip:  Always refer to the Deployment Calculator (above) to size the UCSPM deployment properly

Hope this helps,



Thanks for information guys. really helpful.

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