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Cisco Employee

UCS Platform Emulator 2.1(1aPE1) is available on CDN


UCSPE based on UCSM 2.1 has been released and is available for download

New Features in this release are as below.

Release 2.1(1aPE1) adds support for the following:

•Cluster  support with dual Fabric Interconnects simulated on same virtual machine

•Support  for FEX and Rack-mount servers. This was a major effort including all supported operations

•Support  for multiple uplinks from FEX and IOM (up to 8)

•NTP/NFS  support and various optimizations for Pasadena scale testing

•New  and improved configuration GUI with plenty of validations

•Validate configuration  option in the configuration GUI

•Configuration  Backup and Restore feature

•Automated  Rack server to Fex connection algorithm for simple and fast hardware configuration

•Tech  support command for better debug-ability

•Unified  port support for 6248/6296 FIs

•Online  help for UCSPE

•Automatic  process restart in case of crash

New Hardware supported in Release 2.1

Cisco UCS Platform Emulator, Release 2.1(1aPE1), adds support for the following new hardware: 

Fabric Interconnects

– Cisco UCS 6248UP

– Cisco UCS 6296UP

Fabric Extender

– Cisco Nexus 2232 Fabric Extender

I/O Module

– Cisco UCS I/O Module 2208XP 

Rack-Mount Servers

– Cisco UCS C200 High-Density Rack-Mount Server

– Cisco UCS C210 General-Purpose Rack-Mount Server

– Cisco UCS C250 Extended-Memory Rack-Mount Server

– Cisco UCS C220 Rack Server

– Cisco UCS C240 Rack Server

– Cisco UCS C22 Rack Server

– Cisco UCS C24 Rack Server

Blade Servers

– Cisco UCS B-22 Blade Server

– Cisco UCS B-250 Blade Server

– Cisco UCS B-440 Blade Server

Network Adaptors

– Cisco UCS VIC M828P Virtual Interface Card

– Cisco UCS VIC 1240 Virtual Interface Card

– Cisco UCS VIC 1225 Virtual Interface Card

– Emulex OCe11102-F Converged Network Adapter

– Qlogic QLE8242 Converged Network Adapter

– Broadcom NetXtreme II

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