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UCS Platform Emulator Firmware Bundles (includes firmware meta-data only)


UCS PE supports uploading B-Series and C-Series server firmware bundles.  Because of the large file sizes of the firmware bundles, UCS PE only supports uploading of stripped-down versions with only the firmware metadata (not the actual firmware binary).  The stripped-down versions of the firmware bundles for various B-Series and C-Series servers are attached below.

Cisco Employee

I have not been able to reproduce this.  I performed a local upload from my local filesystem, and got it to upload successfully.  Why are you specifying "image.txt" at the end?  What process are you trying to upload this with?




I am following the normal process like going to firmware management tab and click on download firmware and selected the files which i downloaded from site, when i am at like 98% i get this error message

Cisco Employee

Can you reach out to me directly, and provide more details.  My email is ericwill at  Maybe we can do a WebEx session.    

Community Member

can you please let me know your webx id or cisco id...i can share my desktop via jabber..

Cisco Employee

My cisco / jabber / email id is ericwill at


Thank you Eric for the support

Cisco Employee

What version of UCSPE are you trying to import these firmware bundles into?  Is the error you are having on 2.2.1b, or previous?  The firmware bundles are only importable on 2.2.1b and beyond.

Community Member

Sorry for the late reply. I was using an older version of the emulator. I've downloaded the newer one and it is working fine. Thanks Eric!

Community Member

There's two slashes in the path after the server name....that's not a valid URL.

Community Member

hi im trying to download ucs manger  from cisco site but im not able figure it out to download which series i downloaded ucs rackmount servers c series but im not able to install in my windows 8 pc am i need any software to install that image file

Cisco Employee

Hi Varma,

Please use the below link to download the latest version of UCSPE.

UCS Platform Emulator Downloads (latest: UCSPE 2.2(2cPE1))

After downloading the image, you can either deploy it on a Hypervisor such as Vmware ESXi or Microsoft Hyper-v.

On Windows 8, you can use Vmware Vmplayer or Workstation

For Launching Cisco UCS Platform Emulator Using VMware Workstation on Microsoft Windows, please follow the below steps:

  • You can directly import an .ova file into VMware Workstation 8.
  • From the File menu on the VMware Workstation 8 menu bar, select Open.
  • Browse to the .ovf or .ova file and click Open.
  • Type a name for the virtual machine, browse to the directory for the virtual machine files, and click Import.

For more info on deploying the image on different platforms, please refer the User Guide available in the above link.


Sharan Sridhar

Community Member

Do you know if/when 2.2(6g) will be available? I'm trying to dry-run an upgrade.


Cisco Employee

Is anyone else having problems downloading 3.1(1e) B-Series and C-Series firmware to the PE? Tried using both the HTML5 and Java apps with both IE and Chrome. Only when using the Java app do I see the task fails at 40% unpacking with an unspecified message in the event tab.

Cisco Employee

Hi Matthew,

We have an upcoming release that resolves some issues with FW update on the PE. I'll send an update with new bundles when we release. -David

Cisco Employee

Thanks for the prompt reply. Will sit tight for now.

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