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UCS version 4.0 2e

I`m starting to plan an upgrade to 4.0 2e.


Any feed back (good or bad) on this release really greatly appreciated. Id really like to hear from anyone running it and particularly if they have had any stability issues.

Look like most of its bugs have been fixed or were so random they haven't been seen again.


Still having CISCO do it in a lab and running it real world are totally different ! 

So any considerations or gotchas..




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Cisco Employee

Re: UCS version 4.0 2e

What version are you on now? 4.0.2e has a lot of bug fixes and new features that the older releases did not have. I am not aware of any catastrophic defects. We have been running 4.0.2 in the lab for some time. No problems.


As far as gotchas, I would review the 4.0 release notes and make sure that there isn't anything specific to your environment. We will also list supported upgrade paths in the release notes as well.


Upgrade using auto-install.


Also, check the UCS HCL after your upgrade, if you plan to upgrade blades/racks as well as infra. Make sure you are running tested drivers. 

Re: UCS version 4.0 2e

Hiya Thanks for the response, From wat you say looks like we are good to get going on 4.0 2e assuming our security guys dont have an isue.

I have an open TAC as normal but just throwing it open to the forum to check..


Currently on 3.2 1d

Running B200 M4s

ESXi 6.5 u1 Cisco image build (which will be uplifted)


Most of th bugs seem to have been fixed but a few a couple stil open.

CSCvn50292 (not too mch of an issue as it looks like CISCO couldnt recreate)

CSCvn38097 However really concernes me "Bug not open to the public"..... HMMMMMMMNNN.
Cisco Employee

Re: UCS version 4.0 2e

You are good to go directly from 3.2 to 4.0. TAC is typically going to suggest and recommend the "starred" release on It looks like 4.0.4b is the suggested release today, but nothing wrong with 4.0.2e.


CSCvn50292 was not reproducible so it was terminated as you stated.


CSCvn38097 is still being reviewed, but is specific to SUSE, so if you are running ESXi, should not be an issue.


Re: UCS version 4.0 2e

I’d mod one comment in the above...check the HCL for your target config *before* you upgrade. There’s nothing more painful than crashing an old production OS thanks to firmware/driver mismatches you didn’t know about before hand.
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