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Kris Krogstad

UCS VIC1240 vSphere 5.1 Drivers for VMWare Update Manager

I am looking for the offline bundle for the UCS drivers for the B200M3 / VIC1240 (UCSB-MLOM-40G-01) HBA and Ethernet adapters.  I downloaded the files off of the ISO, but none of them work in VMWare Update manager.  The ENIC and FNIC drivers for 5.0 on the VMWare site are older and haven't been updated since June or 2011.  Can someone point me in the right direction? 

In addition, what about the Cisco Patch Repository for VUM?  Does someone have the link for ALL of the Cisco UCS Drivers for VMWare that I can paste the URL into VMWare Update Manager, so it can get the updated drivers as it finds new ones???

Any help would be appreciated.

While I'm at it, I guess I'll take the 1280 drivers too...  :-)

- Kris

Jeremy Waldrop

The enic drivers for the M81KR, VIC 1240/1280 are the same.

The offline bundle for enic can be downloaded from here

fnic driver for the FC side from here.

You can also create your own custom ISO with the latest VMware/Cisco drivers by using the method provided on my blog

I am looking for the same things as Kris. The .zip from the "ucs-bxxx-drivers.2.1.1b.iso" does not load in VUM.

Jeremy, unfortunately the links you provided point to outdated versions.

1) Do you have links for enic and fnic which are for my environment (ESXi5.1, B200M3, UCS2.1) the required versions according to the support matrix? Even the drivers in the recently published "Cisco Custom Image für ESX 5.1" are outdated!?

2) Does Cisco provide a "Patch Repository for VUM" as HP does?

I don't want to install drivers manually on a bulk of ESX hosts when there is a working update-infrastructure (VUM) which is designed to do that.

Thanks, Robert

The drivers on the Cisco ISO aren't digitally signed by VMware so you will not be able to use them with VUM. The reason I pointed you to the VMware driver downloads is because those are the latest ones signed by VMware that will work with VUM and the vSphere PowerCLI. There is a PowerCLI workaround for adding unsigned drivers to a custom ISO but I don't know if there is a workaround for importing unsigned drivers into VUM.

I have use the drivers I pointed you to on a lot of ESXi builds and have never had any issues.

When will these drivers be digitally signed and importable into VUM? I think that is what everyone (now including myself) on this support forum desires.

I don't know what the exact process is for getting VMware to digitally sign new drivers. I would imagine that Cisco has to submit the new drivers to VMware and then there is probably some testing process that VMware does to very the stability of the drivers.


I'm also looking for the same.  We have had an esxi 5.0u1 host crash/psod issue with b200m3 blades since updating to 2.1 that Cisco support directed us to udgrade the nic/fcoe drivers to resolve.  While this does appear to have fixed the issue, having to manually update drivers on all our hosts by CLI is painful.

I was able to create a custom ISO with the latest drivers and then use that ISO to perform host upgrades via VUM or upgrades from the KVM with the ISO. To create the ISO I had to add the -NoSignatureCheck paramter

I had to add the -NoSignatureCheck to the Export-EsxImageProfile command when creating the ISO

Export-EsxImageProfile -ImageProfile ESXi-5.1-UCS-N1KV-20121004001 -ExportToIso -FilePath c:\esxi\ESXi-5.1-UCS-N1KV-20121004001.iso -NoSignatureCheck

Shane Sorensen

I downloaded the zip, uploaded to a datastore attached to the host, then ran this command:

esxcli software vib update --depot=/vmfs/volumes// --no-sig-check

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