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Re: UCS VLAN help

It just adds a layer of complexity when working with a small amount of VLANs. If you have a large group of VLANs you are going to be adding or you need to divide up groups of VLANs for tenant purposes, they might be useful. I wouldn't say there is a reason NOT to use them, it is just a lot simpler to use global individual VLANs and prune them via LAN uplinks manager if required.


Re: UCS VLAN help

Thanks Wes for all your help.

I wish there was a way for me to explore the behavior of the LAN uplinks manager because honestly I find it confusing and unintuitive.  I personally have a hard time in UCSM as the monotonal color scheme makes it hard for me to discern patterns.

I miss the older UCSM honestly.  

I think I know how to work within LAMN Uplinks manager but my only UCS Mini is running live production so I cannot bang away to see cause and effect which is how I learn.  


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