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Field Notice 70545

UCSM 2.1: How to get rid of lan pingroups?

Our original design two years ago was to have uplinks only to centralized switch and now i've been asked to do more uplinks to other switches serving other purposes. We have made our uplink pinning so far with LAN pin groups but we could from UCS (2.1) point of view be able to use dynamic pinning as well by pinning VLANs to uplink.

If i make the changes what will happen? I suppose that LAN Pin group has higher priority to dynamic pinning? So i could prepare VLANs to new uplinks without cause any disruption to traffic as long as original switch see the VLANs and LAN pin groups are in use?

From ESXi point of view i need to add additional interfaces for new distributed virtual switch for each new uplink? And when i do the "final" change i'll drop lan pin group from vNIC and migrate traffic from one distributed switch to one connected to vNIC serving migrating VLANs?

Bit confused...

Robert Burns
Cisco Employee

Yes, if you have LAN uplinks and all your Service Profiles are assigned to PIN groups, then there's no issue enabling additional uplinks.  What I believe you're referring to with 2.1 and dynamic pinning is Dijoint Layer 2 configuration.  Between your centralized switches and the "newly added switches" you plan to enable uplinks to, are they using separate VLANs?  If so, then yes, you can configure your disjoint L2 uplinks accordingly without disruption. 

Please provide more details on which VLANs each set of uplink switches support - this will help us guide you to an appropriate migration plan.  Do the ESX hosts need access to some or all of the VLANs?



Exactly: the case is disjoint L2.

Currently all the VLANs are in one pingroup and i need to sepatate some of them to other uplink.

Currently all traffic goes through 2 vNIC pinned by LAN pingroup to pair of 6509


1. Have 2 vNIC more for each vsphere

2. Have most VLANs on original vNICs with original pinning to existion uplink port group.

3. Transfer about 6 vLANs to new vNICs vSphere. Traffic on these VLANs is directed (dynamic or static) to new uplink portgroup which goes to separate switch pair (pair of 3750s).


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