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Unable to add VEM module to Nexus 1000V (v4.2.1)

Hello (and help!)

I'm running into a lot of issues trying to install Nexus1000v.4.2.1.SV2.1.1 mainly because of this required InstallerApp. Installing VSM is never a problem when I import as an OVA and specify the domain, VSM IP, etc.  The issue is with adding the VEM module to the Nexus switch.

My ESXI server is running version is 5.1.0.  My vCenter version is also 5.1 on a Windows 2008 Server.

Here is what I did:

(1) I selected "Virtual Ethernet Module Installation"

(2) I specified my vCenter and VSM details.

(3) On the confirmation page I want to "Install VIB and add module to Nexus 1000V".

(4) On the next page "Host Selection" nothing is listed.  However, if I choose "Install VIB" the host selection page will show my ESXi host.

(5) When I install VIBs, add my port profiles, I am able to add my ESXi host to that vDS without any problems.  But on the nexus 1000v switch it does not add any VEMs (nothing besides VSM under the command show module)

This is my problem, its refusing to install the VEM module to the Nexus 1000V switch and I don't know why. 

So when I select "Install VIB and add module to Nexus 1000V" why is the "Host Selection" page empty?  What do I need to do to install the VIBs and add VEM into the 1000V switch?

BTW  - this Management VLAN on the "Confirmation page" is this the Management VLAN specified for the Nexus 1000V?  Or the Management VLAN used by the the ESXI server?  Tried both in my environment and nothing happened.

Thanks in advanced


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Unable to add VEM module to Nexus 1000V (v4.2.1)

You can still use the OVA and ISO methods. They are still there but going foward we would really like customers to use the Installer App.

To install VIBs on the ESXi hosts there are a few pre-requisites.

  1. VSM must allready be installed and connected to vCener
  2. VUM server must be present or..
  3. If no VUM server is present httpClient has to be enabled on every ESXi host

Check those 3 things and then your hosts should show up in the installer.

When it asks for the Management VLAN it's asking for the vlan the managment VMK interface is on. It's going to migrate the VMK interface to the VEM if you are doing L3 control.



Unable to add VEM module to Nexus 1000V (v4.2.1)

Thanks for the reply.  Yeah, so the InstallerApp doesn't work very well and not flexible.  For example, it requires to input two ESXi hosts.  Well if you only have one you can't bypass that section even under custom.

So, we don't use VUM and the ESXI does have a connection to the vCenter server.  This is confirmed by using "show svs connection". 

You said that "httpClient has to be enabled on every ESXI host" what do you mean?  HTTP is enabled because that is how we can download the vSphere client initially unless there is something more than that. 

Also I changed the SVS mode to L2 instead of L3.  Should it be at L3 to get the VEM VIBs and module installed?

Thank you


Cisco Employee

Unable to add VEM module to Nexus 1000V (v4.2.1)

Sorry for replying late. I was on vacation for the holidays.

So httpClient is actually a firewall setting and is different than just hitting the ESXi host with a web browswer. Let me see if I can attach some images to help.

Using the vsphere client click on a host and go to the configuration tab.

Once you are on the configuration tab click on Security profile.

Under the Firewall settings check the httpClient setting.

You shoud not see it listed. Click on Properties

Under properties scroll all the way down and check the httpClient Box

Now HttpClient should show up under the host firewall settings and if you try the VEM install again from the installer it should work.

Try that and see if it works. If not let us know.


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