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MA Khatri

Unable to find recommended enic driver for RedHat

I am unable to find and download recommended enic driver for my UCSB-420-M4 server.

As per HW SW compatibility matrix recommended driver version for Redhat OS is, but enic driver version in the ISO is outdated. I cannot even find the required version in newer driver's ISO. 

UCS Firmware Versin 2.27c

Operating System Redhat 7.3

blade b420m4

cpu type 2.10 GHz E5-4660 v3


Please help me to find and download the correct driver 


Hi Walter Dey, 

Thank you for reply.

I downloaded 3.1.3c, it has latest version as compared to recommended version as per my servers spec and OS. 

Can we use this latest version safely? or is there any easy way to find the required driver.


Thank you



Yes, you can use a newer driver version than the version recommended in HW/SW compatability matrix.

From where do you have this information ? not sure !

In a recent TAC case where I had exactly this situation, we were advised to downgrade ! 

In a n-tuple of parameters which is certified, you just change one parameter ! 

I am thinking to open a TAC case for this, I am sure my customer would'nt accept enic version other than that mentioned on the Cisco compatibility matrix. The nearest older version i could find is

Just older :-(


Driver release notes mention what bug was fixed, or feature added, to the new version. Those fixes will still be there in newer releases than the recommended version.


A driver downgrade is sort of like brute method to try to fix the issue (as it involves a complete reboot of the system) rather than a precise answer. Though it can uncover new bugs.

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