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USC C220 M3 ESXi Can't see a raid5


Dear All,


During esxi 5.1 installation the raid configuration is not showing instead it is  showing two individual HDDs and I came to know that the embaded raid controller is not supported for esxi installation. 

The server was having esxi and it was working fine. Due to some requirement I have re created the raid after which I am having this issue. 

How the esxi was installed previously on embaded raid controller?


Please help us to install esxi on embaded raid


Evan Mickel
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

ESXi may have previously been installed on a single disk within the system if the drives were still in a JBOD.  There is also technically a difference between what is "supported" and what will work.  The term supported is there to indicate that the OS/hardware vendor have tested the configuration and they have certified it to work.  Therefore it may not be impossible to complete the install on a SW RAID.


However, I would discourage the practice of attempting to complete this installation on the embedded RAID controller for two reasons:

1)  There is a high risk of data loss along with an outage.

2)  Cisco and/or VMware will not support your solution as it is specifically ignoring the documentation.


The best thing to do would be to equip the server to run properly with a hardware RAID controller or perhaps SD cards.  Finally, you could target a single disk for the installation and leave it as a JBOD.





Thanks and best regards,

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