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VLAN in UCS Mini5108

Buenos días,

He creado una VLAN 6 (la misma que está creada en mi actual infraestructura de red) y deseo que sea asignada a mis servidores Blade en el chasis para que éstos sean accesibles desde la Red. Cree la VLAN en el UCS Manager dentro del TAB LAN, Lan Cloud y la opción "Create VLANs", ésta VLAN tiene el mismo nombre y el mismo ID que la que está implementada en la red. 

A través de un Service Template, configuré entre otros parámetros la VLAN para que sea aplicada a cada blade. He verificado que dentro del Service Profile de cada servidor, en las vNIC0 y vNIC1 figura la VLAN 6 creada, sin embargo no puedo acceder a los servidores blade desde la red.  

Cada FI está configurado como "Ethernet Switching Mode". Los puertos del FI que se conectan a mi switch de capa 3 están configurados como "Uplink Port", sin embargo no logro hacer un PING desde la red a los servidores en la VLAN 6. 

¿Qué me estaría faltando configurar? ¿Me dan algún consejo con esto?

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Cisco Employee

Re: VLAN in UCS Mini5108

Do you have a specific use case to keep the FI in "switching mode" ?


You should configure the FI in ethernet end host mode as a best practice and see if you have the same problem.


¿Tiene un caso de uso específico para mantener el FI en "modo de cambio"?


Debe configurar la FI en el modo de host final de Ethernet como una mejor práctica y ver si tiene el mismo problema.


Re: VLAN in UCS Mini5108

I had read the Cisco UCS Manager configuration guide and it seemed to me that for cases in which I want the blades to communicate with the external network, I should put them in "switching mode".

I'm going to change the FIs to "Ethernet End-Host mode" at this moment and I'll tell you how it goes.


Re: VLAN in UCS Mini5108

Good afternoon

I configured the FI as End-Host Mode and configure PIN Groups as indicated in the guide but everything remains the same, there is no connection between the same blades inside the chassis or to the external LAN. 

Any other suggestions?

Thank you.

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Cisco Employee

Re: VLAN in UCS Mini5108

There are very few use cases for creating pinning groups.

I would get rid of the pin groups, or at least remove the reference to them on the vnics.

How are you tagging for vlans? Vswitch port-groups for the guestVMs?

What kind of OS is installed?

If it's windows, you will need to set the vlan to native for the vnic, if Windows is baremetal.

If it's ESXi and you are just trying to get esxi mgmt to respond, you can set the vlan via the F2/DCUI , management network setup.




Re: VLAN in UCS Mini5108

Okay, I'm gonna remove the pin groups from the vNIC. 

The blade servers are running WIndows 2016 Server and were assigned the IP address of the VLAN 6 created both in the network and in the UCS. 

Currently the VLAN 6 is not as native, I must configure it as such only for the vNIC or also for the FI?


Re: VLAN in UCS Mini5108

Thank you all very much for your help! I was able to solve the problem, I was drowning in a glass of water, the vNICs had to be in the native VLAN that I had created and ready.

Cisco Employee

Re: VLAN in UCS Mini5108

Like Kirk said, we need to know where you are tagging VLANs at.


Can you provide the mac address table from the FI A|B?


UCS#connect nxos a|b

UCS(nxos)# show mac address table

UCS(nxos)#show pinning border-interface

UCS(nxos)#show pinning server-interfaces

UCS(nxos)#show run interface x/y <-- for uplink interfaces

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