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VLANs not in a VLAN Group

Just want to get some clarification regarding VLAN group...Did not find any documents related...


Say I have 5 VLANs (11-15) in UCSM. Each FI has port-channel to N5K as uplink1. There is currently no VLAN Group configured. So all 5 VLANs are sending and receiving dynamically on the port-channel uplink.


So I connected another link between FI and N5K as uplink2 and by default all 5 VLANs will be using the uplink2. If I now configured a VLAN group including only VLAN 11-12 and the uplink2 is assigned to this VLAN group.


My understanding under this scenario is that VLAN11-12 traffic will ONLY use uplink2 but will VLAN13-15 traffic still use both uplinks since they are not in a VLAN group OR only use uplink1 now...


OR ask in a different way that what happens with traffic on VLAN13-15? Will Server A with vNIC on either VLAN 13, 14 or 15 still be able to communicate with rest of the network and if so which uplink will UCSM use for this server A?

Cisco Employee

Re: VLANs not in a VLAN Group

You could use VLAN groups, but the easiest solution is to use the LAN uplinks manager to pin VLAN 11 and 12 to uplink2 and the other VLANs will continue to flow using uplink1. VLAN groups are typically used for large deployments with hundreds of VLANs. You cannot pin a VLAN to multiple disjointed uplinks.


LAN Tab > LAN Cloud > Launch LAN uplinks manager




VLANs tab > VLAN Manager > Fabric A|B




On the left select uplink1 and pin the VLANs accordingly and select add VLAN. Do the same for uplink2 and apply changes on both fabrics.


You should now be able to run 'show interface X' from nxos cli and see the VLANs only applied to the uplinks specified. 


Re: VLANs not in a VLAN Group

Thanks, I know how to configure VLAN group soft pinning which is essentially what you included as screenshots but that does not really answer my questions per-say...

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