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Andreas Linde

vpc with VIC1225 on C2xx?

Hi, as the title says, is it possible to form a portchannel between a C220/C240 with VIC1225 carved into multiple vnic's and ESXi 5.5 running and two Nexus 3K/5K formed as vpc peers?

We have tried doing so and the vpc comes up just fine but we get connectivity issues to the hosts and between VM's running on them.



Keny Perez

I know the 5Ks can pretty much form a port-channel with any other device and make it think they are a single device (Nexus gurus can correct me if I am wrong) but are you trying to use more than one VIC card to do this? or are you trying to use ports on different VIC cards to do the port-channel?  I have seen that if you split the port channel between ports that belong to different VIC cards then you have problems but I have not seen issues when the ports are in the same card.

Please let us know,



Hi Kenny, In this case the ports are in the same VIC card. and the port-channel has formed ok and seem to be fine but we still see issues in connectivity.

This is how it's done:

1 VIC1225 is carved into four vnic's

Two of the vnics are connected to a standard vSwitch, LB IP hash

Two of the vnics are connected to a dvs, LB IP hash

One scenario we have seen is when one VM is connected to the vSwitch and a second vm (same vlan) is connected to the dvs then they can't communicate with each other. But they are both reachable from the "outside" and reach the default gw.

Same configuration with two other vm's and they reach each other just fine. So it seem to depend on the uplink path they have chosen




Exactly!  there mostbe a route missing somewhere or an extra command that takes the path somewhere else and then reaches to a point where there is a device that does not know/can't get the packets to the proper VM.

You will need to track that down to see where the issue is.

If you cant figure it out, TAC is your best friend here.



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