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Windows 2008 in UCS B200 Blade NIC VLAN problem

Hello Experts,

I've installed Windows 2008 Enterprise on Bare-metal UCS B-200 M2 server with VIC M81KR Mezannine card. UCS Manager version is 1.3(c).

The Problem that I have is that I cannot define VLANs on the NIC adapter inside Windows. is this a problem with the NIC driver ?

( Other NIC cards in other machine for example, have Advnaced Tab in the network configuration where we can define VLANs ).

( in this situation, Windows is un-aware of the VLANs so all the traffic going out will be untagged and FI sending it to the native VLAN on the network).

Attached is a screenshot of the NIC properties in Windows. Your help is highly appreciated on this.



Cisco Employee

Hello Mohammad,

We cannot tag VLAN from Windows OS ( without Hyper-v )as the Cisco VIC driver does not have trunking (allows to tag VLAN IDs)  feature in it.

You need to create new vnic in UCS for each traffic flow to be received by Windows OS.

Would it be possible for you to share your configuration requirement ?


Thank you for your answer Padma.

I have simple requirement for this to work. I have two blades windows installed on them and NICs having IPs from the range of VLAN 100 ( IP range : 192.168.100.x). Now I need to reach these two windows machines from other subnets ( subnet VLAN 2 for example / range 192.168.2.x ).

In this scenario, I cannot reach these two windows machines until I define VLAN 100 as native ( default ) in vNIC configuration in the service profile of the balde. ( I understand that windows is sending the traffic un-tagged and because VLAN 100 is the native VLAN in UCS manager, it will forward this un-tagged traffic to VLAN 100 where it is routed to VLAN 2 in our case ).

Do you have any other suggestions for other configuration for these windows machine to be reached from different VLANs in our network ?



Hello Mohammad,

If you tag the vnic traffic with vlan 100, make sure the mac address is learned on VLAN 100 on FI and the upstream switches.




is the situation the same for VIC1240?? The whole Cisco Driver is nothing more then crap!

We need more then 4 networks on our servers and we are not able to do it as the teaming driver supports only to 4 teams and no VLAN tagging is there!


How this is possible? Will there be a new driver realease?




This works perfect for W2012 and W2012 R2 ? Don't understand why this should be a Cisco driver issue ?

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