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CISCO's VNI Video Streaming Categories: Seeking Clarification

The CISCO VNI report 2017-2022, has five categories for video streaming. I am interested in better understanding the five categories of IP video in the VNI:

  1. Gaming,

  2. File Sharing,

  3. WEB/Data,

  4.IP VOD/ Managed IP video, and

  5.Internet Video.  

While the VNI provides a description of the categories, I think a number require better definition because there appears to be at least some overlap between the categories.  Here is my understanding of the categories. "Gaming", I think is straightforward, is streamed video related to Internet gaming. "File sharing" I think refers to peer-to-peer services like BitTorrent, and is not a streaming service. WEB/Data I think refers to video presented as part of a website, and again, is not strictly a streaming video service because it is presented on web page.  "IP VOD/ Managed IP video", I don't really understand what services would fall into this category, nor what "IP VOD" and "managed IP video" have in common that permit them to be combined. IP VOD, for example, could be Netflix. "Managed IP Video" is described as being part of a "single network" operated by a traditional TV broadcaster but I can't think of any services that fall into this category. I think of Hulu, for example, as a video streaming device operated by traditional TV broadcasters but it is not a "managed IP video" service. Does it include, for example, TV services (Fox, CBS, ABC, NBS) provided in hotels and motels using IP distribution over a LAN?

So, are you able to help me better understand the categories CISCO uses? Some examples might be good.



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