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Alexander Saltos

AS5400XM | Internal hair pinning calls SIP to PRI to SIP configurations

Hello all,

I've got a rather unique system for voice calls and hope I can ask the question correctly.

The base question is: can the XM receive a SIP call, convert it to a PRI and then back to SIP 'internally' with out taking up physical ports.  Once that call has been converted back to SIP and cleaned up, its sent to a trunk server to be accept.  I was told the XM could do this internally.

the history is we use to have standard as5400's, a call had to come in SIP, converted to PRI via the PRI DFC cards, back out that same card and into another port next to it, basically a sm cable between between a T1 and T2 ports on a PRI T2 card.  this took up to many resources / physical ports. for each trunk server i needed one loop cable.   We needed to do this to have a clean call sent to the trunk server or the call might fail along with faxing and voice quality issues. 

I was told the XM can do this where on the non-xm's you had to do it this way or use two gateways.
is this correct OR is there a card that does this conversion instead of using PRI DFC cards?  

My XM configs are: 

1 AS5X-FC carrier card
6 AS5X-PVDM2-64 DSP modules
4 PRI DFC cards (A mix between T2 and T4 cards).

thoughts anyone?

Alexander S. 

Daniele Giordano
Rising star

Hi. For my experience, if you need to use DSP, the only way is the E1 loop as you described.

I used this solution to convert RTP passthrough FAX to T.38.

Anyhow, if you don't need to pass the call to internal DSP, you can use the IP2IP feature:

conf t

voice service voip

allow-connections sip to sip

In this case the AS5400 acts as a B2BUA so you will have a scenario like this:

SIP call ----> AS5400 ----> SIP call

You can also use the media flow-through to have 2 RTP flows or media flow-around to bypass the AS:

SIP call ----> AS5400 ----> SIP call

RTP flow ---> AS5400 ----> RTP flow

SIP call ----> AS5400 ----> SIP call

RTP flow ------------------> RTP flow


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