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AS5400XM | Internal hair pinning calls SIP to PRI to SIP configurations

Alexander Saltos

Hello all,

I've got a rather unique system for voice calls and hope I can ask the question correctly.

The base question is: can the XM receive a SIP call, convert it to a PRI and then back to SIP 'internally' with out taking up physical ports.  Once that call has been converted back to SIP and cleaned up, its sent to a trunk server to be accept.  I was told the XM could do this internally.

the history is we use to have standard as5400's, a call had to come in SIP, converted to PRI via the PRI DFC cards, back out that same card and into another port next to it, basically a sm cable between between a T1 and T2 ports on a PRI T2 card.  this took up to many resources / physical ports. for each trunk server i needed one loop cable.   We needed to do this to have a clean call sent to the trunk server or the call might fail along with faxing and voice quality issues. 

I was told the XM can do this where on the non-xm's you had to do it this way or use two gateways.
is this correct OR is there a card that does this conversion instead of using PRI DFC cards?  

My XM configs are: 

1 AS5X-FC carrier card
6 AS5X-PVDM2-64 DSP modules
4 PRI DFC cards (A mix between T2 and T4 cards).

thoughts anyone?

Alexander S. 

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Daniele Giordano

Hi. For my experience, if you need to use DSP, the only way is the E1 loop as you described.

I used this solution to convert RTP passthrough FAX to T.38.

Anyhow, if you don't need to pass the call to internal DSP, you can use the IP2IP feature:

conf t

voice service voip

allow-connections sip to sip

In this case the AS5400 acts as a B2BUA so you will have a scenario like this:

SIP call ----> AS5400 ----> SIP call

You can also use the media flow-through to have 2 RTP flows or media flow-around to bypass the AS:

SIP call ----> AS5400 ----> SIP call

RTP flow ---> AS5400 ----> RTP flow

SIP call ----> AS5400 ----> SIP call

RTP flow ------------------> RTP flow


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