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AutoAttendant FWD from Cisco to Avaya

Adrián Moran
Level 1
Level 1

Hi all;

in recent days at company i work we migrated some autoattendant configuration from Avaya to cisco, now we are experience some issues, ill explain here:

there is a 1800TollFree number that is point into Cisco autoattendant, everything is ok we get the welcome message and then the options, when we push a number for certain option this call is fwd to a huntgroup in Avaya system, the call rings 2 or 3 times until someone pickup and answer, but, is here when we get nothing only a complete silent or dead air, i can't hear the user from other side of the call and he can't hear me neither. I had been monitoring the call on Avaya and apparently the call is get into the huntgroup the problem comes when the call is answered.


I need some advice to how to monitor the call in cisco

check if there are a mismatch codec

how to debug for errors


I  am using Cisco UCM

and cisco ISR4351/K9


MSE Adrian M.
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