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HSI rejects incoming calls from H323

Network sheme:ss7network-> as5350-> PGW2200 (v9.4.1)->-> HSI(4.1)-> H.323 networkCalls from SS7 to H323 network are completed successfully. But if i try to make call in back direction, from h323 to PGW2200 i getting "No_route_to_destination" from HS...

VoIP Module

The Cisco High-Density Analog and Digital Extension Module for Voice and Fax (EVM-HD) contains FXS and FXO ports ?Or I need to buy additional modules with these ports ?

SIP-UA behaviour on Cisco ISR router

Is there there a way to get the sip-ua in the ISR to react to, for example 5xx or 4xx responses from returned after and INVITE? i.e. can/will the sip-ua fail-over to an alternate host/target returned in DNS SRV resource record on receipt of a 5xx o...

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Hello, I am trying to find an OID that keeps track of SIP calls in a voice gateway. Does anyone know of one? Any suggestions on how to track active calls besides snmp?

ISDN debug message

Can someone help me to analyze this debug message? My call flow is DID -> Cisco. debug isdn eventsJul 14 14:35:29.229: ISDN Se0:23: Event: Received a VOICE call from 9179390834 on B3 at 64 Kb/s Tone Value 0*Jul 14 14:35:29.233: ISDN Se0:23: process_...

Resolved! H323-Voice-Quality explanation

I understand that the h323-voice-quality VSA conveys the calculated ICPIF factor, which is supposed to be a positive integer. However, on many occasions, this VSA contains the value "-1" or "h323-voice-quality=-1"(In fact, it appears in some exa...

RTP Traffic Prioritization over BGP

We have implemented our QoS Policies throughout our network. DSCP tagged EF and CS6 packets are being prioritized correctly on all of our interfaces with the exception of the BGP connected link. CS6 packets are being prioritized, however, EF packet...

Calling Line Restricted Problem

Hi to all,in the following scenario ccme interconnected to Panasonic KX-TD-816-232 PBX through ISDN BRI, can't see calling line ID on incoming(for ccme) calls. In voip ccapi debug i see Presentation=Restricted on the incoming dial-peer 10. Tried to ...

Configuring Voip

Hello, I was working with Microsoft products previously and now I have changed my mind to switch to cisco networks. My company has decided to go with VOIP SOLUTION as our branches are connected with MPLS network. The project given to me is this ...

Resolved! Policy-map issue on 7507

I have a 7507 that has policy maps for matching voice for QoS. A show access-list shows that traffic is being matched. A show interface shows that packets are being dropped. The end result is though, that latency is high and call quality is suffer...