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Hi!I have the following scheme in my network: -------(1)-PBX-(82)------- | | CISCO3640 CISCO827 4VWhen I call => (82)+extension and inmediatly I hang the call the phone stops sounding.In the opposite case=>(1)+ex...

ndenicano by Beginner
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Has anyone experience using the G723 Codecs on AS5350 ??? , I am using the AS5350 as a H323 Gateway, and another vendors GW , When I specify g723r53 or g723r63, and setup the same CODECs on the other GW , the call fails, If I use G723 on other GW , t...

crumdub12 by Beginner
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Hi, I`m getting the following output from one of my E1 ports on my C3662 - the other one is clean. I was wondering if anyone knew what a Line Code Violation was and if these cause voice problem (i.e call drops).Total Data (last 24 hours) 48 Line Co...

marman by Beginner
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Dears,I trying to configure a ISDN PRI on a 1751-V router and the following error occur:CISCO_BARR(config-controller)#pri-group time 1-6%Controller tdm clock does not have data capability%Insufficient HDLC resource for pri-group - it has been removed...

Hi all. We have Cisco 2650 with PRI channel. It connects to the PBX and then to PSTN. Signalization type between PBX and Cisco - primary-net5 (EDSS-1).There is one problem. Some people calls to our gateway Cisco, it tries to deliver these calls to PB...