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Voicemail on Hunt Group Parallel

Can someone please explain to me what I may be doing wrong? The "final 7615" has voicemail turned on and setup but for some reason when the call ends, instead of hearing the user's voicemail intro I get, "Welcome to Cisco Unity Connect...". Are my co...

SIP trunk PSTN error

Hello ! I am having a problem with a SIP trunk , i can make calls to outside PSTN after i remove and reinsert the static route to the SBC provider . The connection works for a limited amount of time , then i receive 503 service unavailable so i alway...

Sandi22 by Beginner
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Hi folks,I have two ISR4331 routers with voice bundles and some 7841 phones, on an isolated network. How do I procure and apply CUCME 14.1 to work with this i.e. is the call manager licensed on a per-router basis? I find it very difficult to know wha...

Connecting CISCO SPA504G to Network

Hi,We currently use Yealink phones across our network, but I picked up a cheap SPA504G for my office as the Yealink phone stopped working. I assumed I could just plug in the phone and it would work in the same way, but I can't seem to get a dial tone...

pwilson2 by Beginner
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Swisscom can't get ATA 192 telephone adapter to work.

I have an ATA 192 analog telephone adapter, connected via a Swisscom Internet Box. Although the ATA connects to the Internet fine, and recognises when the telephone is off-hook, I can't get a dialtone. Swisscom tech Alexander Faury has spent a consid...

BGT by Beginner
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Resolved! Interface shutdowns in loop because of DSP

Hi,I use Cisco CUCM 12.5 with an MGCP gateway.Actualy, my calls randomly fails. Sometimes they work, sometimes not.I realized after looking in the debug logs, that the interface shuts down, and restarts. I don't know what that means.Any idea ? Thank ...

admincoco by Beginner
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SIP ALG Disabling

Hi, I just got my work-from-home kit, and in order to complete the set up, I need to disable the SIP ALG - I am not fluent in this topic at all. I have a Cisco Router it says Model DPC3825 - I see in forums they tell everyone to switch controls but I...