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!!cisco ATA 186, back to back.SOS

hi there, just enlighten me on cisco ATA 186 back to back config, my network is like: phone---ATA----Switch---ATA---Phone,wnat to know the sample config, if this not possible, fine ,then let me know what shud i configure to get a dial tone,as im ge...

3640 router +nm-HDV T1 with fxs gw CDR

AllA 3640 t1 gw send aaa to radius server.Now the cdr is only record the call from fxs to 3640 pstn,but cannot record the pstn call to fxs gw.why only record one direction cdr?how can i do record both direction cdr?aaa new-model!!aaa authentication l...

RSIP isn't handling properly on PGW

As i can see, when meida gateway sends RSIP message with RM:gracefull to MGC, call agent still tries to establish a calls on a cics, which should be blocked untill another RSIP with RM:restart will be received from mgw

mikima777 by Beginner
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Cisco vs Cirpack

I am trying to get voip traffic from a cirpack. it's been few days that we are trying to get this done. no result.I did a debug q931 and I got this .IMEXTEL1#23:02:24: ccGetCallActive (next=1, setup_time=0, index=0, p=0x831666B8)23:02:26: ccGetCallAc...

anoushg by Beginner
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7970 on CCM 3.2 Is it possible

I know that the 7970's are supported on 3.3 and higher, but since I am not schdeuled to update my CCM for another month or so, I was wondering if anyone knew a workaround to allow me to use them on Call manager verision 3.2.3Thanks

mhering by Beginner
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scheduled reboots of callmanager?

I'm beginning to suspect that our Call Managers should be rebooted once every couple months or so, based on some observations of how the servers perform. After a couple months or so their performance seems to suffer in subtle ways. I mean, I've hea...

c.chaplin by Beginner
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SIP, CC-Diversion and dial-peers

I need help configuring CC-Diversion to access an Octel 350 voice mail server through a Cisco 2620XM gateway. All inbound and out bound calls work through this same gateway. Under some circumstancesan unanswered inbound call gets diverted to the gat...

blairs by Beginner
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SRST for MGCP gateways

Hi,I read an article saying as of IOS release 12.2(11)T MGCP endpoints can be configured to become h323 endpoints when SRST mode is operating due to a WAN failure.My situation is the following; I have several remote sites all with local MGCP 6608 gat...