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Security Model

Is there any good documents on a good security model for a voip provider?is there a good model structure for a voip network ?

agorman by Beginner
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2650 and 1750-2`s

My main router is a 2650, it has a E&M card to connect to telephone system, then, I need to connect two phones at the remote places, can I do that?Do you have a good example, or a nice white paper in order to install that?Or maybe a nice training at ...

mcelec by Beginner
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VOIP with pstn & PBX

We have a VOIP setup that connect 2 PBX s by IP network.I want to know how could I initiate a call from branch office extention, connect to the head office PBX and from that acces PSTN around the head office.Thanks,

pgamage by Beginner
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All calls forwarding and "full phone number"

Hi,I'm new in this technology and i want to know if it's possible to have the "full phone number" of the calling person, when forwarding all the calls from one local phone to another one.Is there something to do on the phone or CM ?Thanks in advance

v-monte by Beginner
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I would like to install a phone in the lobby and once a guest lifts the analog phone off hook, the phone rings the main number in the office, has anyone done this before, and with ATA-186?Thanks

oconnost by Beginner
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Frame-relay packet fragmenting on a 2611

I have a 2611 router that I am prioritizing voice traffic over frame-relay. The traffic is converted to ip by a siemens phone system. I am just prioritizing the specified udp ports. I want to fragment the frame-relay packets but under the map-clas...

t.whiten by Beginner
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Prepaid Calling Cards Solution

Hello,I am the IT manager in a Telecom company.I have to setup or implement a Prepaid Calling cards solution in a country network.I will have 90 E1 (side PSTN : signalling could be R2 ) and an Internet provider from the other side ( which will ...

teltac by Beginner
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Cannot hear on IP Phone

I open a ticket with TAC already, but I was wondering if anyone has this problem before.Were running CM 3.2, 2600 Router with NM-HDV-1T1 connect to a PRI. We have a remote site with Dual T1 (trunking the T1s) back to corporate. The Remote site has ...

hdang by Beginner
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Radius configuration

It´s posible to configure and send the information of the radius accounting on the AS5300/AS5400 to two different hosts.- If so, someone could send me the procedure steps?Thank´s

htedesco by Beginner
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