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CUCM PRI to IPFlex conversion

I have a customer that had an onsite tech convert them from PRI to IPflex.  The guy quit and their salesman called me to verify if the PRI is being used because they want to now cut it off.  What's the best way to verify the PRI is not being used any...

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Connect between computer and VoIP

Hello,In my company we use CUCM (Cisco Unified Call Manager) system. Every user has VoIP device, and directory number. A directory numbers connect to user's Lync, respectively.Sometime user connects by another computer and wants to call by VoIP with ...


Hi Experts,We required VoIP configuration:We have following hardware and network diagram is attached (1)    Location A to B is connected through 2 mbps MPLS line – currently working OK  through Cisco Routers.(2)    We want to configure Total 4 Cisco ...

Voice card without PVDM

 Hello dear community, Is a VWIC3-1MFT-T1/E1 could work without pvdm or dsp resources?If yes:Is there any dsp onboard the VWIC3-1MFT-T1/E1?What features are disabled if there is no pvdm on this router? (I guess Xcode, mtp and cfb... but what about td...

hardware requirements for fax

what kind of hardware is it need for relaying fax t.38?we use as5350xm and our PBX , handling incoming and outgoing calls doesn't have any problem , but we couldn't deploy fax . what kind of special hardware , interface card or chasis does it need in...

Resolved! destination-pattern T

Hi allHere is my dialplan ;dial-peer voice 6 pots destination-pattern 00T port 0/0/0:15 forward-digits all when i check that i see no matchessh dialplan number 004343434343Macro Exp.: 004343434343No match, result=1when i change like that it works !di...

Service Provider SIP Implementation

Hello All. The company I work for is looking at offering SIP to our existing customers (down a separate VRF). I have been tasked with researching / mocking this up. Unfortunately I have zero experience of anything voice related other than accommodati...