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Building a Voice Lab

Hi Guys,Im currently building a lab and looking for any knowledge in what devices i will need.Im looking to construct 3 seperate networks connected by an MPLS WAN. The networks must be able to communicate with eachother by voice video and also be abl...

VOIP switch port config best practices

Hi there.  I've got a Cisco infrastructure, but a non-Cisco VOIP platform (Mitel 3300).  I've been experiencing some call quality issues lately, so I was reviewing port configs on the access switches at three of my corporate sites.  These switchport ...

Answer-address not work

Dear Admin,I have tried few day already to match inbound call base on Calling number. Call made from calling number range 8000-9 and try to terminate the call by prefix 332168 thru TDM link but it was not work.Below is my scenario and configuration d...

Linksys PAP2 no sound problem

Hi all, i have been using a Linksys PAP2 ATA for a long time with the business VoIP provider Switch2Voip , it's an excellent device, today i changed my internet  router and now i can't hear no sound, i hear the dial tone but when i  dial there is no ...

vmatos1976 by Beginner
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Why FXO card LEDs are amber pinned?

Good ... I just install a 4FXO VIC2-3925 card to a router, the problem is that the LEDs on the card are bound in amber and also can not configure the ports of the card ... If I do a show inventory shows me the card but when I try to configure the p...