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Answer-address not work

Dear Admin,I have tried few day already to match inbound call base on Calling number. Call made from calling number range 8000-9 and try to terminate the call by prefix 332168 thru TDM link but it was not work.Below is my scenario and configuration d...

Linksys PAP2 no sound problem

Hi all, i have been using a Linksys PAP2 ATA for a long time with the business VoIP provider Switch2Voip , it's an excellent device, today i changed my internet  router and now i can't hear no sound, i hear the dial tone but when i  dial there is no ...

vmatos1976 by Beginner
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Why FXO card LEDs are amber pinned?

Good ... I just install a 4FXO VIC2-3925 card to a router, the problem is that the LEDs on the card are bound in amber and also can not configure the ports of the card ... If I do a show inventory shows me the card but when I try to configure the p...

Basic Qos question & shaping

Hi,we have a corp office with 20mb EFM connection into an MPLS network.We have 100+ remote offices, some using the same size EFM pipe and others using VDSL @ 80/20mb & ADSL 20/2.5mb to 8/1.2mb.Now they are all hitting the corp office and we're suffer...

louis0001 by Participant
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ip phones not registered on cme

Hi, I need your help for a problem that i experiecing. I have a 3945 routeur wiht CME version 8.1. my ip phones 7911 and 7931 not registered on a cme. when i load configuraton, i get error when i create cnf files. So, i'll try succesively the no auto...

nkonsimbo by Beginner
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Dial-peer matching issue

Hi, I have 5 dial-peers with the same destination-pattern .T The only difference is preference option for VoIP dial-peer (0) compared to the others - POTS(2).#sh dial-peer voice summarydial-peer hunt 0             AD                                  ...