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Good ... I just install a 4FXO VIC2-3925 card to a router, the problem is that the LEDs on the card are bound in amber and also can not configure the ports of the card ... If I do a show inventory shows me the card but when I try to configure the p...

Hi,we have a corp office with 20mb EFM connection into an MPLS network.We have 100+ remote offices, some using the same size EFM pipe and others using VDSL @ 80/20mb & ADSL 20/2.5mb to 8/1.2mb.Now they are all hitting the corp office and we're suffer...

louis0001 by Level 3
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Hi, I need your help for a problem that i experiecing. I have a 3945 routeur wiht CME version 8.1. my ip phones 7911 and 7931 not registered on a cme. when i load configuraton, i get error when i create cnf files. So, i'll try succesively the no auto...

nkonsimbo by Level 1
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Hi, I have 5 dial-peers with the same destination-pattern .T The only difference is preference option for VoIP dial-peer (0) compared to the others - POTS(2).#sh dial-peer voice summarydial-peer hunt 0             AD                                  ...

Hi, I am configuring the CISCO2901/K9:Cisco CISCO2901/K9 (revision 1.0) with 483328K/40960K bytes of memory.Processor board ID FGL1737248D2 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces1 terminal line4 Voice FXO interfacesDRAM configuration is 64 bits wide with parity...

Hi,I'm fairly new to VoIP and QoS and would like to have a better understanding of my current configuration below, in particular to the policy-map configuration.  By configuring with a priority 240, does this mean that on my T1 line, it is segregatin...

I'm trying to set up a Qos policy for VoIP on our branch 887 routers.However, i keep getting a "CBFWQ not supported on sub interfaces"The router is connected via ADSL (PPPoA) to a Qos based MPLS network.Does anybody have a working Qos config for this...

louis0001 by Level 3
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