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I work at a university where we allow (practically) anything on the network as long as it plays nicely and doesn't interfere with other people's access to the network.  With that in mind, I've been tasked with setting up a QoS policy that protects Vo...

Hiii, I have a 2921 and is activated on the Lan, then I added the router to Call Manger from Device/Gateway/Add New/2921/MGCP/Domain Name/Module in Slot 0 ( NM-4WIC-MBRD ), then I activateda E1 to ( 0/0/0 ). How I can add the Gatway ( port -0/0/0 )  ...

gabiulici by Level 1
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Hi everyone,I’m seeking advice in designing voip network. Is there any reason to stick with the following:1. one network2. one Ethernet cable run to each cubicle for both data and voice3. setup QoS on a router/firewallWhen we can run two Ethernet cab...

Hello,First off I am new to VOIP...so with that, I just installed CUCM 7 (old I know, but it's for my home lab).  I was wondering how I intergrate it into my existing network.  I've been google'ing and searching for weeks now, and I can't seem to fig...

jwood1650 by Level 1
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Recently,I capture some RTP packets when user meeting the dialogue jitter and latency.User A using the 3951 ip phone (IP address is x.x.125.206, and x.x.200.165 is the voice gateway's ip address ) , and user B using a mobile phone.User A responds to ...

janffe719 by Level 1
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Hi Everyone, I have a few required QoS settings for a Voice system between two buildings being routed. (static)I have QoS training coming up but, I just need to know what I have to have to put the basic QoS settings on each edge switch with Static ro...