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I want to limit calls to my gateway from the remote gateway using his IP address. I want to use voice source-group. For example:voice source-group testaccess-list 1carrier-id source testid access-list 1 permit voice 1234 voipmax-c...

tolya by Beginner
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Our SIP providers is saying we should configure our UC520 to communicate with their proxy sip devices for more security between us and them. can anyone give me an ideas of how to configure ALG from UC520 to a SIP proxy. The current setup works fine b...

hi i have an mpls nework with equipment cisco 2821, 2901 and 2801, and i have problems with fax calls, i configured the fax protocol t38 in all routers but when i want to send a fax to the 2821 equipment from either 2801 and 2901, the protocol t38 is...

erodrig by Beginner
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We have changed IP addressing of  our VoIP phones from Public Range to Private 10.x.x.x. Our Main Site IP  addresses change took place before I started so don't know if some  configuration change was made on CUCM 6.1.3 to make it work. I changed  the...

Hi,Is it perhaps possible that i can activate a command (ios) from a Cisco phone (Callmanager Express) ?Perhaps by the service button.. or perhaps with a tcl script? so that you call to the AA for example and you can then activate the tcl script..Som...

kennis1977 by Beginner
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Hi Everyone,we have customers who is complaining about disconnected calls when muted, it seems that the calls are dropped from the cisco 5850 or pgw2200 after exactly three minutes, is there some parameter to level this up, I've been looking all arou...

rollenybbe by Beginner
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Hello to all , I have a server with Cisco CallManager 4.0 . I was installed cisco Attendant console , but now I have a problem : users cant authenticate :The message is : Invalid password , please try again . Can you help me ?Thanks and best Regards ...

hugomdbaez by Beginner
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